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Quote: Originally Posted by echau Yeah I saw that. I was more interested in how it all works and how I would schedule an appointment. They will probably start taking appointments for their March tour beginning in February. You can email them with a preferred appointment time. They will usually reply within a few days and let you know if the time is available.
Quote: Originally Posted by echau I've emailed them twice about their tour to Houston but have yet to receive a response... They have their tour schedule itinerary on their website. They are visiting Houston on 3/11/11, 11/23/11 and 3/21/12.
Interesting discussion about wo excellent watches. If I was in the OP's shoes, I would wear whatever makes me feel more comfortable and/or confident. If you normally wear a Rolex, then it may make you more confortable wearing it. If wearing the PP makes you more confident, then wear that watch. Most people who are not watch experts will not recognize a PP from a typical dinner conversation distance. However the cyclops on the Rolex DJ will make it more...
Quote: Originally Posted by manofstyle13 I'm just curious to know which retailer people like more and why. I dont really go to either that much but have bought a few things from Mens Warehouse. It depends on what you are looking to buy from these places. Are you looking for suits, dress pants, shirts? I think the quality of JAB products are acceptable at their steep discount prices (70-80% off their MRSP).
Met with Gordon Yao during his most recent US tour. His latest CMT prices are $750 + $75 (shipping).
Sure there are deals on B&S, but I wouldn't buy them unless you know how they will fit on you. I would try on some brands at Nordstroms (e.g. Zanella) and see if you like the fit. Then you can look for sales at outlets or try the B&S forum.
How do their prices at the factory store compare to retail prices in London? Are there usually additional percentage off during sales at the factory stores?
I sometimes go to Macys to get household items on sale, but not clothes.
Are there any shrinkage after several washings?
I like Zegna 7-fold ties. IMO they are better than Kiton 7-fold ties.
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