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I think the suit quality is pretty decent considering you can get a fully canvassed MTM suit made using H&S fabric for about $700. Since their parent company also owns H&S, they are able to get some leftover H&S fabric at a great discount. I think their house style tends to be more conservative rather than fashion forward and more American rather than English in style.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I thought it was still $710. I just saw him on his last tour (2-3 weeks ago) and he said it was the same. Did you order a suit at the $710 price during the Nov 2010 tour? My receipt shows $750 for the CMT order price (+ shipping) and I had to mail the suit fabric to him. His website is better late than never. His upcoming tour itinerary is useful to note.
Chan imposter? Now, that's funny! This is actually my 4th order from Chan, so I know how long their shipments usually take. In the past, they have been pretty good with the orders, though last year, one order took 3-1/2 months. I have also ordered from Gordon Yao during his US tour and my recent order took only 2 months. I have found the quality of his work to be comparable with Chan's. So that is why I am considering giving more of my business to Gordon...
I am glad I skipped the March tour as my November tour order still has not shipped. Waiting over 4 months for delivery seems a bit extreme. Their email responses are useless as they send out a standard canned reply saying your order will be shipped next week over and over again. Time to give other travelling tailors some business... Gordon Yao will benefit from Chan's poor customer service.
I see a lot of non-iron shirt haters here. Do anyone of you travel routinely for business? Just curious since that is when the non-iron shirts are best for so you don't have to spend time irong your shirts in your hotel rooms before business meetings when you are travelling for business.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Prices have gone up after the Lunar New Year. Do you know what their latest prices will start at? I am sure we will find out during their March tour.
In 90 degree weather, it doesn't make a difference if you are wearing 8-9 oz vs. 9-10 oz Minni Frescos, as they are both too warm for me. I usually start wearing them when the temp are around 70-80. IME, the 9-10 oz Minni Frescos crease less and are my preferred weight for Frescos.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 They are bespoke. You get a fitting-at least one. If you order shirts from Chan during the tour, it is more of a MTM. I suppose if you order from them in HK, you can get them bespoke. Their shirt prices start at ~ $150 for TM Silver.
It works well with suits and is my everyday watch. It is a bit thicker than I like, but is a solid watch. I just make sure to order all my dress shirts with the wrist width a little wider on that side.
Just curious if anyone has received their orders from the November tour...
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