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I would hang the tie on a tie rack. That can help with the wrinkles.
There are a few pateks under US$20K. The Calatravas models to look at include the 5119, 5120 and 5129, although you may be able to get your hands on recently discontinued models. Some questions to ask are: does he want a manual wind or an automatic, second hand or date. With the PP family, you can also consider the nautilus or the aquanaut sport series watches within that price range.
GMT II with the ceramic dial in SS is a beautiful watch. It really comes down to what kind of look you want. Rolex makes a great watch, but they definitely have spent a lot of time and money on marketing which few of the other Swiss watch manufacturers have.
Would be a nice deal if you had some choice in shoe width.
A simple question is how long has this person been a tailor for?
Like OP, I have always worn Goldtoe black socks with my dark suits and black shoes. The only time I wear brown socks is with my brown suit and brown shoes. I think I may try gray/charcoal socks with the gray suit and blue/navy socks with my navy suit.
Seiko makes great watches and I do believe they are underrated. They pricing is reasonable and they will last if you take care of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mathew J Yes but that simple patek you refer too not only costs considerably more than the more recognized brands, but also service costs are very spendy, and typically the time for service is months if not longer... Patek, Audemars, JLC, Blancpain, FP Journe, GO, and many others make wonderful pieces, but for most their price is prohibitive not only on the front end, but also down the line from a service...
The decision to purchase an expensive watch is very much a personal decision. Most people will think of an automatic Swiss made watch when talking about watches at this level. There is no appropriate age or income level, but it depends on your priorities and your reason for wanting to get an expensive watch. Is it more important than paying off your other debt or buying your first home or buying a nice car or designer suit or whatever that may pique your...
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