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It would be best if you went into a Zara and tried on the suit for fit. Above everything else, fit is #1.
Most people will agree that $300 for a pair of shoes for the "average" American is a lot to spend. However, since quality shoes can last a lifetime if well taken care of, it may not be a bad "investment". When you can get AE shoes on sale for ~$200 at Nordstroms or seconds for $150 or less at the factory, then prices come into a more reasonable level for masses. However there will certainly be AE haters saying they are boring or they are old fashioned, etc. Italians...
I believe AE took Clifton off the market for a while, but I don't know if they brought them back. I know Nordstrom has had a sale on the Cliftons on/off for the past few years.
$1000 for 4 custom shirt from Ascot Chang seems about right. They are not cheap, but fit well.
IIRC, there is a central shopping district in Rome close to the "Spanish Steps" where all the major brands are located including Ferragamo, Testoni, Santoni and even the British shoemaker Churchs.
Peal shoe sizing is based on US shoe sizing and they do make E widths in certain models. Many of their shoes are made by C&J, but C&J will use the UK shoe sizes for their own shoes.
I don't think Chan stocks H&S, so I uppose they ordered it from the UK. I am surprised they got the fabric so quickly to get the first fitting 2 days later. When I visited their HK store, they had some VBC and Zegna fabric in stock, but any British fabric had to be ordered. I believe a 2-piece suit in H&S fabric starts at around HK$15,000.
If I stopped by Chan's store on Day 1 and looked through some books and chose a fabric, how long will it take to get the the first and second fittings? One major factor is if they have the fabric in stock and if they can get it from a local HK distributor within a day. If they have to order fabric from England, then you certainly couldn't get fittings in during a 1 week visit.
Is the Armoury affiliated with Chan?
I appreciate the helpful tips on getting around HK. Just got some pricing from Gordon Yao. 3 piece tuxedo prices start at $2250 for VBC and $2800 for British fabric (H&S, Minnis, Lesser). Prices seem a little steep to me. Is this a reasonable price for a tuxedo? Chan has not replied back with a price quote.
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