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Are you visiting these countries in person or are your ordering them online/phone? If you are visiting the countries, you can request at VAT refund at the airport. Depending on the price paid, you may have to pay import duty tax when you return back home.
Randolph or Walden would be my thought. Or Grayson if you want a tassel loafer.
For fabric that resist wrinkles for travelling, H&S Crispaire and J&J Minnis Frescos are high twist material that also tend to have better air circulation making them cooler to wear when compared to same weight fabric in other weaves.
I think WW Chan can make a good shirt even though they are suit maker. If you visit them in HK, they will even do fitting for shirts. AC's specialty is shirts and they pay great attention to detail in producing a well-fitting shirt. Price-wise, you may be able to get some of the less expensive TM Silverline from WW Chan at $150, but the same shirt will be $180-200 at AC.
Depending on where you live, AEs are more accessible to most Americans. Except for those who live in NYC, most Americans do not have easy access to English and Italian made shoes, except for a few Italian shoes sold at Saks/NM/Nordstroms. I wear my AE PAs more often than my BM captoe oxfords, although both are very good quality shoes.
It depends on the outlet. I have visited many outlets in the US where they don't carry any Purple or Black label items. I have been to a few outlets in Europe - one had a few PL and BL items and the other didn't.
I don't think Ascot Chang's shirts go as low as $1000 HKD. I believe their TM Silver line shirts start in the $1600+ HKD range. They may have some cheaper fabrics, but probably few under $1500 HKD.
It depends on your body type. ESF shirts are not for everyone and it can be too "tight" for some people.As for expanding to other brands, if there is a Barneys or a Nordstroms, go take a look around. For dress pants, I like Zanella. At outlets (e.g. Off Saks), you can get them for ~ $150. I like Zegna for more casual pants and knitwear, sweaters and can be found at reasonable prices also at outlets.
If there is a BB store close by, try on a Fitz in your size. I don't think all stores carry the Milano in house. The Fitz is fairly slim, though may need some alterations. I heard they redesigned the Fitz a couple of years ago to make it slimmer than what it used to be. I don't like their center vent though.
Why does SF make a big deal about hand made vs machine made? Doesn't machine made still require the careful operation of the machine by a human being? I would think a machine made suit or clothing is more reproducible anyway. Sure hand-made clothing items require more time and so more labor cost involved, but is it worth the premium? For example we know that a Brioni suit has extensive hand-stitching, etc. - but does the suit stand out because of the handwork or because...
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