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Any watch enthusiast knows that the Rolex GMT is a classic. Those watches are meant to last a lifetime.
It really depends on the location. In some parts of the world, wearing a tie is more of a uniform and it has nothing to do with success. For some reason, Tokyo comes to mind as Japanese like to wear black suits and dark colored ties, ranging all the way from the company CEO to entry level office worker. In many parts of the US, the business casual work environment has really taken over and big name CEOs (or former CEOs) like Bill Gates, Seve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are...
AE makes some of the more conservative looking shoes that you would wear in a conservative work environment (legal, finance, etc). I can't see anyone in their late teens to 20s wearing an AE shoe to a nightclub or to a concert. And as David Reeves mentioned, many of the English shoemakers do a better job at the "classic" styles. But unless you live in NYC where you can try on all the different English shoes, AE store and outlets are easier to access for most Americans. ...
A leather strap is more dressy, but a metal bracelet is more than acceptable in a business setting with a suit. Just go and see how many bankers wear a Rolex with a metal bracelet. There are plenty of people wearing a Datejust, Sub, GMT or Daytona. I certainly would not wear a "sports" watch to a formal event, but for daily work setting, it is more than acceptable.
If OP has an outlet mall close by (Off Fifth, NM Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, etc), I would recommend looking for a suit there for under $500 and then doing some minor alterations for a good fit. You can often find Hickey Freeman fully canvassed for under $500 at outlets.
Bespoke tailoring is a dying art in HK as it has been in the US. I have yet to meet a tailor younger than 50 here in the US. The situation is probably similar in HK. However I am glad WW Chan is still "grooming" younger tailors. If you visit their KL store, there are many "younger" employees there. I would guess Patrick Chu is only in his 40s himself. However I haven't seen Gordan Yao with a younger apprentice. I am afraid when Gordan retires, his shop will close.
I have a suit and a sport jacket from Mabro. My tailor claims their workmanship is excellent. Their basic style is a bit on the fuller side, which required some tailoring for a better fit.
If you live in Canada, I would purchase suits in Toronto, rather than in Las Vegas, if you are looking for business suits. Toronto is a city where people wear suits to work, as compared to Las Vegas.
Some SAs can be snobby, but that can be in any industry, where they are on commission. If they are only looking to make a buck, rather than provide quality customer service, then they don't really care about the customer's experience.
For a third suit, I think a solid charcoal may be more versatile than getting a pinstripe, unless you really like pinstripe suits. I don't know how old you are, but in general I think navy pinstripes look better than gray pinstripes in younger individuals. Maybe it's just my personal preference, but a pinstripe or chalkstripe gray suit seems like it is more suitable for older individuals.
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