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Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 I saw two guys making out once and thought that was gay until I read this thread... Says the guy with the Morrissey av!
Quote: Originally Posted by scugger Is it possible to somehow train yourself not to frown all the time? I remember some PHD in an old psychology textbook trained himself to have complete control of all of the muscles in his face. If someone had frown lines and was never to frown again for the rest of his life, would all the wrinkles regenerate to normal skin? I agree with needler, in order to regenerate the skin you need a reactive force...
Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 youdee- just wanted to say great blog and keep it up! Having a girlfriend who has every skincare product out on the market has rubbed off on me a bit and I am always looking to try new products. I have a question though on my daily routine and was hoping you could help me: twice a day I am using: acne.org's cleaning kit which includes a cleanser, treatment (benzoyl peroxide), and aha which I use these products...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Mellie Hi Youdee, you mention some skin conditions on your website, but you also recommend lots of products. I have seborrhoeic dermatitis and my skin reacts badly even to soaps, and I get spots from moisturisers. Therefore, isn't it best for someone with a skin condition to avoid most of these lotions and potions and stick with just exfoliating, and maybe a basic moisturiser like E45 or Aqueous, which apparently contain...
They work but it's pretty much a life commitment, once you stop the lines'll come back. They immobilse the area much like botox would and during the night it stops you from frowning in your sleep so that the muscles are 'ironed out'. If you're looking for a more long-term solution I would use retinol instead or forwnies w/retinol underneath.
Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed I ended up buying this: http://www.amazon.com/Clean-Clear-Bl.../dp/B00008J2XT So is salicylic acid and BHA interchangeable terms? Because I was able to find products with salicylic acid but none explicitly said BHA (like Paula's Choice does). Also I chose a light scrub since I think the dry dead skin around my mouth is part of the problem. Will the 2% salicylic acid dry it out even further and pose a problem? Will...
Only do it if you have killer bone structure or it'll make you look...odd.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirWilliam I have about $600 worth of La Prairie products in my medicine cabinet and I am not sure they are actually better than the cheaper stuff they smell really expensive and have stem cells from horses in them. Their stuff sucks for the most part and stem cells won't do much/anything applied topically, the most you get out of them is some decent moisture but you can buy that at a fraction of the cost.
I use them in the summer for the same reason, I have reviews of my favourite ones on my blog.
The Master and Magarita is excellent if you're looking to read some contemporary (1967) Russian literature.
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