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Quote: Originally Posted by CJG_NYC Its kinda frustrating! My facial hair grows like weeds. If I shave at 7am-8am, I get a 5 o'clock shadow forming at noon! I wrote a post about hair inhibitors here - while they won't allow you skip days shaving, they might delay the onset of a 5 o'clock shadow. No miracle workers but worth looking in to.
Thanks CJG_NYC, your post is now on the blog here. If the patch(es) are quite large I also suggest you look into a possible thyroid or iron deficiency to get your hair growing again.
Hope you guys don't mind but I need to ask a question for an upcoming post on my blog. What kind of scent would you wear on a first date? Would you go for something intense, generic, expensive, interesting, clean...?
Another vote for Santa Maria Novella Crema di Barba, that stuff is magical. I remember Proraso being quite good too.
Quote: Originally Posted by CJG_NYC youdee, thanks for the info. i have noticed some regrowth from the shots, but like you said, only peach fuzz -- though in 2 small spots 3-5 pigmented hairs came through, but the patch is still rather large. the beard correction pen looks great, I may give it a shot but i fear that the patch it too large for it to not look too obvious. If so, I guess I'll just have to try and shave much more often -- I'm...
Patches on the beard where no hair grows is quite common and to be honest there aren't any comprehensive 'cures'. Most, like steroid injections, might stimulate the growth of vellous hairs (or peach fuzz) for as long as you use them but they won't mature into beard hair that will consistently grow. Don't be tempted to use hair growth products like Rogaine on your face because you'll most likely end up with a massive list of complications. If the gap is small you...
My favourites are any clay products like Vo5 Matte Effect and texture powders like Clynol which is great for shorter hair if you're looking for a matte, messy effect.
Do you guys think something like a Serge Lutens fragrance is a bit too much for every day wear? Should you stick to something a bit more clean/generic for work?
Quote: Originally Posted by Faktum Hi. What's the best anti-wrinkle cream? I have tried one that had a SPF 55 and I think it worked. However, I had the whitest skin in class after using it. I'm usually not the one that has the whitest skin in the class. Which one should I use that still gives me some color from the sun? I am using Dermalogica now, but I'm not sure if that's the best one. The best anti-wrinkle creams are retinoids and...
Quote: Originally Posted by superfans124 I've encountered another dilemma, thanks to the blazing summer sun, I have to apply both oil remover and sunblock lotion, whichever I apply later will cancel out the effect of prior products, anyone has a winning strategy? Simple, use an Asian sunblock - they're pretty much the pioneers when it comes to fomulating excellent sunscreens that leave the skin completely matte (so much so that someone with...
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