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Tweezerman tweezers are the industry standard, great at what they do and last for a long time. You may also want to look into post-shave treatments to prevent ingrowns, anything containing Beta Hydroxy Acids like salicylic acid will work. Try stridex in the red box for an affordable yet effective treatment - just swipe them over your face after shaving and then once before bed if your ingrowns tend to be particularly bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Astan I have genetic cause dark cicles around my eyes. Like hardcore dark. I really havent found anything that works. Any recommendations? It depends on the source of the bags under your eyes. Try reading this article so you can identify why yours are there and how to fix them: Of course with genetic dark circles there isnt much to do to fix them. However,...
If you have dry skin it's important to moisturise straight after a shower on damp skin to lock in all the moisture on your skin. I'd take the previous recommendation of jojoba oil; when you're out of the shower, pat your face with a towel so it's damp but not dry and then apply a few drops of oil. Massage that in and then you can follow up with another moisturiser if needs be. Eucerin Co Q10 cream that comes in a blue jar is afforable and provides intense moisture...
Sounds great, Proraso is a lifesaver for me too. I have skin that's very sensitive to shaving and i'm giving double-edge safety razors a shot, there's an interview with John from westcoastshaving with lots of tips/recommendations on my blog at the moment - you might want to check it out!
Yoga is one of my favourite ways to work out; you get strength training, an increase in flexibility and stress relief all in one go! I supplement regular yoga with Bikram yoga every week or two for something a little more intense. A few tips: Buy a yoga dvd that has a section for beginners. Most dvds have 3 people doing yoga on them and you copy the one for your experience level; beginner, intermediate and expert. That'll give you a good idea of what to expect at a...
Both high blood pressure and physical strain can cause pressure to mount in your ear/s, i'd guess it was a combo of both.
Finally got myself an iPhone!
Does the box ever make it to England? I have a ton of new skincare/shaving stuff I never get round to using. The post before this one: joel_954 Does anyone know Master-Classter's phone number?
I love being at university but hate coming home looking like i've been stricken with an immune disorder. I'm taking some cooking books with me this year!
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse Anyone have any creative ideas for passive forms of income? For example, royalties from books, music, etc seem pretty good to me. Similarly, interest, dividends, etc from investments are standard. Any other ideas? And no, I don't consider being a landlord to be very passive (had a family member do that, lots of work maintaining the properties). Blogging (if you count $5 a week as income).
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