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Quote: Originally Posted by NiFTY i have a shirt with some metal in it - a paul smith mainline shirt, it creases heavily like linen, but even moreso,and the fabric is quite "scratchy". i wore it on a boat cruise, over boardies every day for a week without washing and it actually got rust stains, would not recommend the composition. Rust stains..... that sounds pretty bad. Thanks for the advice!
Quote: Originally Posted by bjornb17 Does it have metal collar stays? Not that it would normally be included but just an idea... It's a casual shirt:
Composition: 91% Cotton, 9% Metal..... Pardon my ignorance, but what does Metal stand for in fabric composition?
Are shirts by U-NI-TY made in Italy?
Any info? Thanks!
How does Maestrami shirts compare to Robert Friedman or Patrizia Pepe or I.D.I.B. in quality?
What is the quality of Maestrami/ U-NI-TY shirt lines?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar With a casual suit and that's it... Point taken, thanks!
For what kind of occasions they are appropriate wear?
Quote: Originally Posted by Poindexter For a model, this is a srsly asymmetrical guy. Re. the sleeves. Also about the pants. The suit, thus can't tell. Thanks!
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