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Ran the SI half on Sunday in 1:25:28 - second half was much slower than the first and I had stomach issues from about mile 5 on. SB - As for NY - just feed off the energy - it's done wonders in pushing me along in the past.
Ran Gretes Great Gallop in CP yesterday (half marathon) in 1:21:11. No pr but am pleased with the effort on a hilly course.
Ran The North Face Ednurance Challenge 50K on Saturday in Wisconsin. Clocked a 3:59:04. Was very pleased with my time, course was pretty and very runable. It was my final long training run before my 100 miler.
On Friday-Saturday I got in 48.17 miles pacing my boss in the second half of the Wasatch 100. Race was a beast of a course, the climbs and descents were more than I had expected, but he made it to the finish line in under 32 hours. Solid effort. Rested Sunday and today.
Got in a tempo session this morning in CP - 50 minutes at 6:26 pace for about 7.7 miles. Was depleted at the end of the run.
Yes - I'm nyc based, got on a NY team last minute and thought it would be fun. It's a beautiful part of the country.
Ran 4 legs of Hood to Coast this past weekend for a total of just uinder 23 miles. Really fun race, though the logistics are a challenge. Even so I hd a great time. Managed to run all my miles at sub 7 pace which was the goal. Much easier to do in the first leg than the last.
Got in 6.94 mils in CP in 57:29, then went to November Project, which in NYC is kind of as easy or hard of a running based workout as you make it.
Got in 6.8 miles in 56:59 this morning in Central Park.
Been MIA the past few months, something called work started gobbling up all my time. Anyway, got in 8.27 in 1:14:36 in Central Park. Am running a 100 miler at the end of September with a 50k leading up to that.
New Posts  All Forums: