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Got in a tempo session this morning in CP - 50 minutes at 6:26 pace for about 7.7 miles. Was depleted at the end of the run.
Yes - I'm nyc based, got on a NY team last minute and thought it would be fun. It's a beautiful part of the country.
Ran 4 legs of Hood to Coast this past weekend for a total of just uinder 23 miles. Really fun race, though the logistics are a challenge. Even so I hd a great time. Managed to run all my miles at sub 7 pace which was the goal. Much easier to do in the first leg than the last.
Got in 6.94 mils in CP in 57:29, then went to November Project, which in NYC is kind of as easy or hard of a running based workout as you make it.
Got in 6.8 miles in 56:59 this morning in Central Park.
Been MIA the past few months, something called work started gobbling up all my time. Anyway, got in 8.27 in 1:14:36 in Central Park. Am running a 100 miler at the end of September with a 50k leading up to that.
Been out of the loop resting the legs over the holidays but am back in the mix training for a trio of races this April-May. Got in 18 miles this morning. First nine were a warmup in CP at around 7:22 pace. Then did 45 minutes at tempo pace which worked out to around 6:40-6:45 for me. Then did a long cooldown. Legs are starting to feel good again.
Ran the JFK50 down in Maryland along the Patomic On Saturday. Clocked a 7:40:09. If someone is looking for a first 50 miler, I'd reccomend it. The course is managable, aid stations plentiful and it is extremely well run.
SB - yes, it will qualify me for Boston 2015. I'm already in for 2014, will be running Boston To Big Sur (Run Boston Monday, Run Big Sur the next Sunday) Should be interesting.
Ran NYC yesterday in 2:58:48. It was my 3rd NYC and after running a number of other marathons and other races, the NYC course is unrelenting. Between the bridges, the wind and the varying levels of quality of the cement (not something NYRR can do much about) it creates some serious challenges. It's part of the reason the finisher times for the elite are slower than other major marathons. That said I love the race, and have every intention on running it next year. The...
New Posts  All Forums: