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Ran the Marathon of the Palm Beaches yesterday in 3:03:53. Not my best effort but still held on for 3rd place overall. Was not ready for the heat and probably pushed it running so close to the NYC Marathon this year.
Ran the NYC Runs Riverside Park 5K yesterday in 17:47 - good for 2nd place overall. Suprisingly hilly course.
Ran the Pete McCardle XC 15K in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx on Sunday. Managed a 1:00:12 and I was killing myself to try and go 59:59 but was too slow in the hills. Something to aim for next year.
Grinded out the NYC 60K on Saturday. Managed a 4:58:20. Hopefully this time when I say I'll never run this race again, I mean it. Road ultras are not for me.
Got in about 6.3 miles at a 7:58 pace. Central Park was empty this morning, amazing the drop off post marathon.
Thank you SB - kept waiting to blow up and it never happened. Super pleased with my time. Will gun for sub 2:50 next month when I head down to FL to run the marathon of the palm beaches.
Sorry to jump in late, but I knocked off the NYC Marathon Sunday in 2:51:29 - a 5 min 30 sec PR. As for Caroline, I know the 2 guys who were pacing her, and they said she maintained suprisingly well. I don't doubt that she didn't run more than 13 miles in a single run leading up to it, but she did comment that she would go on many of her runs AFTER practice, so she essentially was doing intervals for however long a tennis player trains for and then would go on runs,...
Ran the SI half on Sunday in 1:25:28 - second half was much slower than the first and I had stomach issues from about mile 5 on. SB - As for NY - just feed off the energy - it's done wonders in pushing me along in the past.
Ran Gretes Great Gallop in CP yesterday (half marathon) in 1:21:11. No pr but am pleased with the effort on a hilly course.
Ran The North Face Ednurance Challenge 50K on Saturday in Wisconsin. Clocked a 3:59:04. Was very pleased with my time, course was pretty and very runable. It was my final long training run before my 100 miler.
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