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lol How funny and ironic that I have been rooting for Germany since the beginning of the tournament and during this game!During this Euro the Italians and the Germans played the most enjoyable football. Sorry if it bothers you, but still it is the truth. Go watch the group stage games against Spain and Croatia if you miss them.
I don't think that Italy is a better side than Spain. Yet I think that Prandelli is more efficient at getting the maximum he can from his selection. Spain could be much more better with for example Pedro in and Xavi out.However one thing I do not understand is the constant downplaying of Italy.Was England better on the paper than Italy? No quite the opposite actually. Germany was supposed to be a big favorite so yes it was a surprise to see such a domination from Italy,...
Tell us this reason then genius.By the way I am also waiting for your complete rebuttal of my analysis of Germany's tactics. Feel free to enlighten me.
- one of the best goalies of the entire history of the game,- a defense of steel,- a midfield full of skilled ball players (with a special mention for l'architteto Pirlo),- two competent polyvalent and hardworking strikers- a great quality bench- the best tactician of this Euro as a coach.Dude if this is not a great team then what does great mean? Regarding the game against Germany, it is also true that Löw blew the whole thing up with his formation and line-up.I simply do...
Torres was the focal point under Villas-Boas while Drogba was black-listed and for what result?+1 on Barca kit, as shitty as it gets.
It depends on what kind of offering they were doing. If it was an underwritten (or firm commitment) offering, then I believe that the underwriter does guaranty the sale of the issue at the offering price. If there is not enough demand and the issue is undersubscribed, they have to buy whatever shares they cannot sale at the offering price. This is general theory, of course I do not know the specifics of this IPO. FWIW I think that facebook played this IPO perfectly since...
+1 Fuck yeah!!!CL was much more enjoyable back in the days in its original format. It gets really boring to see the same fixtures over and over: Real vs Barca, Chelsea vs Barca, Man U vs Bayern...And then Wenger would not have any lame excuses for failing at his job.
I think he is talking about Cravate Noire
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