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That's an urban legend it doesn't exist.
A secular state to protect the 'sanctity' of a prophet? Seriously???The whole piece is fuckin outrageous.
Nonsense as the usual European radical islam activist is usually born in an European country as it is the case this time. Besides there is a growing trend of converts (people not coming from Muslim families our culture) often leaving to join ISIS and fight the Jihad in Syria and Iraq. What are you going to do with these guys? You can't deport them they are at home.
^^ I guess you just don't know what you are talking about.
^^ It's not like Mali president has asked repeatedly for a French intervention since the beginning of the crisis.
lol How funny and ironic that I have been rooting for Germany since the beginning of the tournament and during this game!During this Euro the Italians and the Germans played the most enjoyable football. Sorry if it bothers you, but still it is the truth. Go watch the group stage games against Spain and Croatia if you miss them.
I don't think that Italy is a better side than Spain. Yet I think that Prandelli is more efficient at getting the maximum he can from his selection. Spain could be much more better with for example Pedro in and Xavi out.However one thing I do not understand is the constant downplaying of Italy.Was England better on the paper than Italy? No quite the opposite actually. Germany was supposed to be a big favorite so yes it was a surprise to see such a domination from Italy,...
New Posts  All Forums: