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Hm, any reason you guys got rid of the overdyes?
gangstarr gets an A from me. Very responsive, understanding, accomodating, and ships super quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by kinggimp got the delivery of my all white low's from yoox this weekend. they're an off white, though, almost like a very light gray. this is because those were never all white lows.
Heat are flat-out TERRIBLE in end-game situations. guess that's what happens when your 3 best players suck at shooting 3s. Also, you guys will love this:
stopped by yesterday. fuck, they got rid of the package single tees and now there are some dry color ones and premium cotton ones (that fit smaller btw). mad confusing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel It's not about having trendy hair, it's about un-styled Asian hair looking like shit. It's a thick, unflattering mess that really only emphasizes lame nerdy Asian stereotypes. Like I said, it doesn't have to be a faux hawk, just, something, anything really will be an improvement on the natural state. Case in point i very much agree w/ your point but i don't think using fuji's after pic to illustrate a style...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane Fuck I hate getting dragged into these long arguments sig-worthy
tone it down after you get bb1 to start using whom correctly.
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor It's hard to find a box that fits the big hi top boxes, and people have just shipped me the brand box without a protecting one and the box gets hardcore fucked when they arrive anyways. I don't think many realize this, but you can just take a Priority Mail shipping box and ignore the pre-made folds and chunk them around your shoe box to fit it. It looks Frankensteinian, but I've never had any problems...
White/gum is so damn nice. Got a pair off B&S in the fall and still wore it in F/W. So versatile.
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