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Looking to sell a pair of CP Tournament Highs. I got them a couple of weeks ago and they're just a bit too big for me. Please let me know if you have offers or need international shipping, and I'll see what I can do for you. Thanks. I've literally worn these 4 times since I've got them, so they are in great condition. Note that these are pre-distressed a bit (soles included), so there literally isn't any wear that distinguishable from a new pair. Canvas upper with...
Lol remember when it was worth scrounging through the gilt final sale for stuff? I found literally one brand even worth clicking on today and it had one item.
^ Ah, I meant they don't mark stuff at lower than sale prices, a la TBS (as has been mentioned here in the past). Didn't want to seem too greedy lol. But nice, the fact that maybe my order was the fluke rather than the norm encourages me to pull the trigger a bit more.
Ordered once from WW, got hit with decent customs fees, which definitely cuts down from the appeal. They don't mark down the values any lower than they actually are from sales or whatnot...not like you're legally allowed to.
I'm looking to sell a pair of Allen Edmonds Soho in black. I like them a bunch and I prefer their shape to the vaunted Park Avenue, which I've also owned, but the last unfortunately just doesn't fit my foot. These black captoes make great interview shoes, and that's indeed what I've used them for I've honestly only worn them ~3 times and then wear on the soles is pretty trivial. Please let me know if you have offers or need international shipping, and I'll see what I can...
So XXS knickers are good for most women? Small enough for girls w/ 24-25" waists?
Alright, enough riding Epaulet's products' jocks; how about something totally different? Racked is having a "hottest shopkeep" vote online and I saw the word "Epaulet" in my email inbox. Intrigued, I clicked and saw... http://ny.racked.com/archives/2011/07/26/hottest_shopkeep_round_1_heat_4_foley_corinna_epaulet_more.php#hottest-shopkeep-round-heat-2 Epaulet's own Dylan as an option. Lol. It is quite the badass beard, I must say.
^Epaulet has a 2 week return policy on full-priced items for SF members, so you wouldn't be out $650, just how much return shipping would cost.
New Posts  All Forums: