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Looks like you did an alright job tailoring what must have been a canopy of a shirt, but that collar looks terrible open and I don't think collar stays can even cure that left one. Also, the fact that you still don't see what's wrong w/ Aldo makes me think that you're a very slow-playing troll.
Gotta jump in on the PG bandwagon. It's also amazing that BR never has any boring fits. Dunno what we're missing since he doesn't post daily, but I can't even imagine him toning it down ever. Quote: Originally Posted by Phiberglass ID on shirt, looks like it may be MTM, if not awesome slim fit, I'd like to find some similar. Great fit! Pulled it off nicely. lol thanks. Just BoO
Mmmm summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus To go on the other end, when I was just looking around the SE site a while back my gf saw the ring and said it looks really nice. I don't think it looks very masculine either. The guy that runs Epaulet got one for his gf or wife as well and she liked it a lot. Yeah, when I went to Epaulet last week I thought it looked nice on her /creeper. My gf also likes it. *shrug* I guess it's money better sunk...
Never been one to complain about lowballers in B&S, but I just got a PM asking for 70% off my asking price and 88% off of retail. Shipping included. I pmed back asking if he forgot a digit. If not,
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese ^no. giving girls rings is always a bad idea. es[ecially if they're weird rockabilly masculine shits. does she ride a fucking motorcycle? no? didn't think so. even if she did why would she want your weird-ass repro shit? buy her some fucking perfume from macy's that says j-lo on it - this is something that you thinkis cool and is not a sentiment shared by your significant other. Didn't think it actually...
For the ol' GF?
Price drop on the W+H jacket. Bump.
"Yeah, up close they always look like landscape. But those are balls."
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello That color looks really great, where do you live where hicks wear bright turquoise? I picked up one of the black oxfords recently and the cut is really spectacular. Haha thanks. Response looks mixed at best so far. This fits me pretty damn well imo. Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m You look like a hick, dog. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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