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Hey what's that site that has a ~30% off 1st-time customer discount again?
Congrats to Kent on getting the job. Now plz re-ban, as things clearly haven't changed from before and lessons have not been learned.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy_4HM Didn't see anyone mention it, but it was funny to see dude wearing the Nom de Guerre x Wings + Horns Jeep sweater. The show is definitely corny as hell though. Best part is that they used Aloe Blacc for the theme song. That guy is insanely talented. I don't know anything else from him, but that theme song is GREAT.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Once again Duke gets all the calls. LOL.
^ pics!
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum i wished they would show the uni vs ms game. purdue duke game is kinda meh. last nights' games were more fun (excluding the cornell game) Failed offensive rebounding by teams down by a possession with <1 minute to go is aggravating as hell. Duke-Purdue is downright awful, but it looks like Duke is gonna win.
This Purdue/Duke game is goddamn ugly so far. It's all airballs, bricks, and touchy loose ball fouls. Singler is the only person doing ANYTHING for Duke.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thrift Pirate going to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you(did anyone listen to raffi? haha). Jacket looks weird with my hands in my pocket, oh well Like that jacket. Deets?
Freaking seriously?
is right... This isn't oxford cloth, right? Or what? Also, two other questions: what's the neck measurement at now? Are you going through with the pleat in the arm to allow cuffing? (hope so)
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