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Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 i watched that LIVE on tv. Pacers (my team) had the most wins the season before and started that one like 12-2 and that was their first nationally televised game that year. I think I left work early to catch it all. Unbelievable. They are still suffering from that. That's because their (and Utah's) front office think that white players get 3 points inside the arc and 4 points beyond it. Their...
This must be what they're talkin about when they harp on that East Europe bias. Fuck refs.
What really struck me is how accurate Rondo's passing is. I always called him out for building assists through simple offense like Ray Allen's cuts (and that fullcourt assist to Powe 2 years ago in the playoffs, LOL), but every goddamn pass inside over the opposition is right on the money. Still hate him, but the respect grows a smidgen.
This game will be fresh in my memory if any fucking morons keep bringing up the "no defense" myth in the NBA. Congrats to Kobe & co. Now transfer some of that luck to USA. U-S-A! U-S-A!
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson The NBA in a nutshell-- after winning the title, Ron Artest thanks his hood, his baby mama, his psychiatrist, and mentioned his new album coming out Hey, that's his wife, racist. Quote: Originally Posted by Oldboy Kobe for sure, but who else? Neither Gasol nor D-Fish are hall of fame material, still good players...
Ron Artest in the post-game on-court interview just thanked his hood, his doctor, and AND THEN HIS PSYCHIATRIST FOR TELLING HIM TO HIT THAT THREE... and then he plugged his single! Win.
Maaachine. at Celtics fans who believe that the national sports leagues' front offices are out to get them. Who on your team draws free throws? KG, Sheed, and Allen are jump shooters. Rondo is terrified of the line. Pierce draws them with flops and stupid headfakes. There was no "Lakers hacking Celts" here.
SAY QUEENSBRIDGE, MOTHERFUCKER. SAY IT. Edit: holy fuck, this game is suddenly awesome.
^^^^^ re game quality: whatever. all you got is what's there. Bryant has been totally abysmal on offense, taking horrible shots, not driving enough, assisting on ONE shot, and turning the ball over. But he's doing GREAT on rebounding. Similarly, rebounding is Gasol's only contribution so far. He's choking on the line, he's playing horrible defense when iso'd on KG, and he's not shooting well. But rebounds matter. Odom has been mainly great, Artest has been great on...
GAME SO TENSE. Seems unlikely (tho always possible) that LA is going to start shooting tremendously better, or that Boston is going to get ice cold. Game from now on relies on LA rebounding (DEF and OFF) and taking care of the ball. Obv both sides have been playing phenomenal defense. Seriously, GO LAKERS.
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