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Hate to add to the sizing help questions, but does anybody w/ experience mind assisting me w/ 2 shoes? Looking at the Heschung black derbies and Alfred Sargent oxblood wingtips. I wear 41 in MMM shoes/boots, 40.5-41 in the black Buttero sidezips on your site.
i personally find it a lot more fun to be able to appreciate a top-5 player in nba history and easily the best player since jordan, excelling in his prime, than to irrationally root against his success at every turn.yea exactly. i guess cuz phil solely deals w/ former players of his, who knows. honestly there's really not much optimism to be had if youre a knicks fan. consider these moves from anybody who's not phil and ....
Lol at the goddamn Warriors and Knicks. I don't know if they hired good coaches (nobody does), but how you gonna be so bad at negotiating that you have to pay a 1st-time head coach $5m/yr for 5 years.
(not really directed at anyone in particular) sometimes teams just lose. today's game was played so phenomenally on both sides, it's a shame to always have to blame someone. aaron rodgers says this all the time, though i'm sure he didn't start it: the other guys get paid to play the game too. yea they missed a bunch of free throws, etc, but mia started switching on the perimeter all of a sudden which surprised them, and they played very good d, it happens. i really want...
bosh was so useful on offense today. games like this prevent me from clearly elevating ibaka above him. lebron was a goddamn god, fuck. wonder how the games are gonna go if he isn't on fire from outside like he was tonight. game 2 felt like game 1 to me, except SA and MIA's roles were reversed. MIA was behind by a little for most of the early game, but SA was playing a lot better, so I felt MIA would come back and win in the 4th. Same deal w/ SA in game 1.
yo fuck the ncaa, but also fuck unc. go to hell carolina go to hell eat shit
i dunno, i kinda feel like the rest doesn't favor either team. san antonio's best players are old as shit, but they barely play minutes. lbj is probably pretty worn down by playing literally >700 more minutes than any spur this season, plus his cramps. also dwyane wade's chronic knee issues. not ray allen though. ray allen is goddamn methuselah.
hadn't heard of those personalized drinks before. they'd have to replace all the liquid in the gatorade bottles w/ those? but if lebron is gonna peel the label off then what's the point of needing to drink it out of a gatorade bottle? that makes no sense.deadspin says:http://deadspin.com/actually-lebron-james-was-drinking-gatorade-last-night-1587186858also ethan j skolnick is a pretty good heat reporter and says that they all drink gatorade.also remember last year hibbert...
lol remember when gatorade was taking shots at bronbron post-cramps cuz he's sponsored by powerade? it was pretty funny i thought. then they lamely apologized for it. now it turns out that since gatorade is the official drink of the nba, everyone including lebron drinks solely gatorade on the bench. lebron just covers up the label. so they were laughing about how lebron got cramps off powerade but really he was drinking gatorade the whole time.
Miami has one clear offensive move to make. Birdman is scoring 2 points per possession each time he iso's on Duncan and drives it at the basket. They do this for 48 minutes and it's check. Mate.
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