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it's too bad that paul george is a bron fan cuz otherwise i would swear he and his new headband were just trying to rub his super-low hairline in lebron's balding face. look at him, there's extra hair sticking out under it! it's the complete inverse of what bron looked like w/ a headband! one of the best threeheads in the game.
today the 16-time champion lakers played players named Black, Blue, and Brown, none of whom were on the team 4 months ago. byron scott played his starting guards 93 minutes. the only promising player on the team hurt his ankles twice tonight and sat a total of 49 seconds. in minnesota the only hope of the franchise says his knees are chronically sore and he's "hurting all over" but flip played him 44 minutes tonight. they lost again, and have lost 11 in a row.
hahhaahahhahhahahaahahahaha knicks can't stop winning now. went from clear #1 in the lottery odds to potentially tied for 2nd.
yeah, it is pretty crazy how some teams are just constantly dominant in the nba. almost entirely a factor of how superstar-driven the league is. but nobody is touching what teams used to do back in the day, e.g. how many titles russell won.
i think he's restricted.well the thunder are in the tax right now, so i dunno how much of a diff that would have made. if they traded for lopez and managed to dump a couple of ppl, say lamb and telfair (and didn't pick up novak), they only would have been $4M over what they're spending now. and they're ognna be close to the cap if not over next year.but the point is: lopez is better than kanter isn't he? i was certainly down on him earlier this year but he's been great...
i dont really know how the luxury tax would work for this year. i think it still kicks in.lopez can't be at once a terrible deal and only have one year left. if he only has 1 year left, then it's not a giant deal if he gets injured.what makes kanter worse is that now they're gonna feel forced to pay him this summer, and he's gonna command $10m+ cuz of his scoring and rebounding, but he's not a good player. i don't think he's going to get better. you don't go from being a...
remember the trade deadline madness where okc made brooklyn think they basically had a done deal for brook lopez, brooklyn fans/billy knight were all giddy, then sam presti yelled, "PSYCH" and traded for enes kanter instead? i wonder if their team would have been better post-all star if they had just gotten lopez. i have a difficult time believing kanter will ever be an above-average player, given that he is one of the worst defensive bigs in the league. maybe if serge is...
everyone in the west just gotta work to avoid spurs. aint nobody beating the spurs in round 1. dumb spurs, let someone else have a chance for a change.
oh yeah they've had that for awhile now. lol, i remember seeing on twitter some beat writer (maybe ethan strauss) saying that last year doc literally screamed at his players that if anyone fell for that play he would bench them for the rest of the game.i'm pretty welcoming of all that stuff, but usually only when it's combined w/ scouting talk or insider scoops. i still like zach lowe's takes on what players are good, etc, even if he's the biggest waffler in the world.dude...
no chance warriors lose to the pels unless curry gets hurt. Over under on # games for that series should be 5.oh shit i'll give that a try, thanks. i didn't realize amin el hassan had a podcast. i don't follow him on twitter cuz he just tweets so damn much...same w/ zach harper and a couple ppl. but i like his stuff.
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