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yea i dont think korver gave those out as tips, or the author did, but rather just to show what he thinks about when he shoots, which is pretty cool.in the article he also says he doesn't believe in shooting coaches, and that he would never put up >150 shots a session, but tries to recreate game-like conditions for every single shot, until he gets tired. it's pretty interesting seeing what happens for each player. that blake article says he shoots 300 shots a day. i...
@indesertumthis article was MADE for youhttp://www.usatoday.com/longform/sports/nba/hawks/2015/02/02/kyle-korver-vs-perfection-atlanta-three-point-shot/22693565/holy crap
god those players are depressing. sucks to own either of them, i'm very happy i didn't end up w/ them. or dwight, al jefferson...i guess i did blow 3 mid-round picks on terrence jones, bogut, and fropez.
god it's so impossible to trade anyone in fantasy basketball. i'm trying to unload dirk, oladipo, bled, kieff, or eric gordon cuz their playoff schedules are bad, and i can't even do a 2 for 1. its so difficult to evaluate multiple player trades. did that teague-kemba trade above go through for you guys? not sure who was involved.
hmmm hadn't considered meyers leonard. i don't think it works for me, dude looks like an axis powers gi joe.
hahahhaa parsons Japanese fans officially proclaimed @ChandlerParsons the most handsome man in NBA. Like his ego needed boost. pic.twitter.com/UxWWnlXO0K— Tim MacMahon (@espn_macmahon) February 3, 2015
hawks streak had to come to an end sometime i guess. im goin to the warriors game on friday. super excited to cheer really loud. 1st game this year was against the grizzle, whom i wanted to win, and gf was rooting for the thunder the 2nd game. think the crowd is going to go nuts against GS. dunno about the suns. dudes can't win a close game to save their lives. it's obviously fluky, but those losses count. it looks like they're now 2-8 in 3 pt (or less) games? and 0-4 in...
yeah i was really disappointed he wasn't selected when he was a rookie and not playing any minutes. it makes sense i guess, but i mean we did end up w/ jeremy evans (who??)ouch this is worse than i rememberthe only ever stretch where i played NCAA college basketball on xbox (was that what it was called??), i used cincinnatti and just had james white run around the paint until he could dunk it over everyone. i dominated all my friends until one person realized the "take...
biggest dunk contest disappointment has to be james white, bar none. i was SO AMPED for that and he just failed, not even spectacularly. sigh, what could have been...
giaaaaaaaannis get pumped for that dunk contest
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