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This article on Diaw is incredible.http://espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2014/story/_/id/11084748/boris-diaw-dishes-san-antonio-spurs
i disagree. most accurate measurements obtained when actually lifting.
yea they booed in game 4, maybe late 2nd q or 3rd, when they were down by 20. then they started leaving in droves. ppl who stayed til the end did chant "lets go heat" though.it's a pretty sad showing considering they were actually a very very good crowd the last 2 series. like, media ppl noticed the change.in game 3 they even cheered reallllly hard when the heat cut the lead to like 18 or whatever in the 3rd quarter.
I dunno, I don't think MIA is losing this because they're doing something wrong, or they're physically or mentally fatigued. I mean they could be playing better, sure, but in my mind, the Spurs are just clearly the better team. I don't think this is a choke job or anything by the Heat, the Spurs are just better and they're proving it.
Bosh looks slow? He doesn't look slow to me at all, he looks kinda the same as he's always been on Miami.Yeah you're right, Birdman does look really slow, I think cuz he's injured.Not sure who would win that one. Might come down to how conservative or innovative Brooks would have been.
Would have been close. But I don't think the Heat have looked unathletic or hobbled outside of Wade. Spurs are just plain better, and figured out (and can actually enact!) the exact ridiculous movement offense that is the antidote to the Heat's defense. No chance OKC could do that. MIA would ignore Sefolosha and Perkins and their bench until the cows came home.
I just disagree I guess, I don't think there's a single chance any of those teams could play this way, outside of maybe GSW after a couple of seasons of work. Basically nobody on the Knicks is a good, let alone great, passer, outside of Prigs, nobody on the Pelicans is at that level (although they could potentially have the cutting/driving down), and the Wolves just have Rubio and that's it as a passer. Love and Pekovic aren't great ball-movers either. Mavs are next...
o okay. how do you feel about melo?
neo who is your team?
you talking to me? i don't think there's a single team w/ 3 backcourt players (whomever they play) that are all consistently unselfish enough to make the extra pass 90% of the time, a stretch 4 who likes to pass probably 6x as much as he likes to shoot, and similar willingness and ability to pass from their centers. not only that, but they've been in the system so long that they know exactly what to do, where to move the ball, when to cut, where to take off w/ the ball...
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