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ok that's great but seriously who is going to be the mvp kawhi has been the best player on the floor by far last 2 games but he was trash the 1st two, so i have no idea.
Uhhhhhh who is going to be voted finals mvp??
he's got a player option so if wade is out for wade, he will opt in for another season at 21 mil.
dwyane wade is D-O-N-E from a game to game consistency standpoint. what the hell is this franchise gonna do in the offseason?
the spurs are fucking amazing, kawhi leonard's hands have tractor beams on them somewhere.
(manu only missed 1 ft in the last minute hahhahahhahhahahahahhahhahahahha)
are we referring to the alternate universe in which you weren't the only one mentioning manu's 2 misses w/ 20 seconds left because that's the alternate universe in which manu actually missed 2 ft's w/ 20 seconds left?or are you referring to this universe where he actually hit 3/4 free throws in the last minute?
No, see, that was a different convergence point a whole nine seconds later. Clearly you aren't familiar with the concept of a multiverse, where there's an infinite number of parallel universes branching apart from separate results from parallel events, each of which can be used as the basis for forming a separate idfnl opinion, regardless of true evidence or logic. This controversial and complicated quantum physics theorem is the reason why there can be made a literally...
i dont get this reference?yea, basically. but who knows what will change, esp if they lose to the spurs.:D:D LAL hates Kaman too, right? Or was that just D'Antoni? I doubt anyone will pry Hinrich away from Chicago's cold dead hands though. He's a Bull for life, whether or not their fanbase hates him.
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