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rose tore his R meniscus, gonna have surgery. originally tore his L acl, then his R meniscus. timeline TBD. bulls are done. east is gonna be hawks or cavs, nobody else has a real chance. edit: really, this is honestly terrible news. horrible to almost know for certain that the youngest MVP ever will never get back to his old form. i wasn't a huge rose fan, but he was often super exciting to watch and did incredible things on the court. realistically now, a good case for...
i don't really give the mavs any chance of winning 3 series in a row. spurs and clippers you can't out but i seriously doubt either of them can pull it off. eastern conference is a different deal
i don't think the mavs have a chance of making the finals. i doubt the clippers, rockets (w/o healthy howard), and spurs can either tbh. clippers are too stagnant and have no depth, same w/ houston, and honestly none of the spurs have played up to their level from last year so far, maybe save duncan. they deserve the benefit of the doubt, but if they didn't win the title last year, nobody would be giving them a chance this year given how they've looked. that leaves golden...
i don't know man. i think they might be able to move up, but if they're the 8 seed, there's no way they're a big favorite on the road against gsw. plus durant's health is a giant question mark; that's a much bigger deal than a better bench.
haha extending steph curry was spraying a bullet and hoping it hit? it's a calculated risk. you don't take any, you don't get anywhere.bottom line: there's no way you could find 20 non-rookie contracts you like for above-avg players in the league. if you take out the max guys (of which you say there's
idfnl, it's obvious that there are a bunch of bad contracts out there. that's inevitably what happens if you take a risk. some of them don't work out. but if you don't take any risks, and just let any player who might or might not be worth a max contract or a rich contract go, then you end up giving up all of your young talent away. they're mostly the only ones w/ the ability to improve substantially. you lose steph curry, you lose mike conley, kyle lowry. almost nobody...
warriors are soooo good. they're just everywhere on D and constantly getting open 3s on offense.
what these players need to realize is that it's a privilege to play in the nba. these millenials are complaining about getting 9,000,000 dollars a year for playing a child's game while hard-working americans are working to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. just another symptom of the take-take-take welfare society created by the wussification of america. if these players aren't happy then they should take a hike. any regular american would be glad to take their...
wtf is this shithttp://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/20/report-goran-dragic-sees-lakers-as-perfect-fit-in-free-agency-this-summer/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twittergoran dragic is unhappy on every team and every team is unhappy w/ isaiah thomas
i don't know if dragic is worth a max considering he'll be 29 and he's only had one year of all-star talent, but i think it's hard to say he's worth less than 14 at least.cool, how?he's averaging 33.4 mpg this year as opposed to 35.1 mpg last year, what timeshare is this? do you mean sharing the ball?
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