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I think Tony Parker is overrated when it comes to people saying he's a legitimate MVP candidate, but I think it's easy to underestimate his value to the Spurs and their system.At the same time, I think it would be easy for GMs to underrate IT2 because he's such an atypical player. Like how a short QB's value is automatically dropped so far in the NFL.Solution: Darren Collison! hahaha.
lol so true. he's salivating right now.
I hope Deng gets his payday...super underappreciated and he's a wonderful person. WTS I'm really pessimistic that that's gonna come. There's been no buzz over him as an FA, after he turned down a 3 yr /$30mil extension w/ the Bulls before getting traded. Might be a case of just the wrong place wrong time.
Oh I meant how much money under the cap or luxury tax. But that's crazy. I saw some tweets re: how frustrating is it gonna be hearing the owners talk about how franchises lost money by including that ridiculous BKN luxury tax penalty?
I think it's mainly the fact that there are a bunch of franchise players potentially on the market. Also nobody knows how much money they exactly want, so that's why you keep hearing about how much money teams have.This is also something that the NBA and owners specifically aimed for during the last CBA negotiation during the lockout. They wanted more player movement and structured contracts to spur more movement and (indirectly?) make it actually harder for small markets...
lol young was 1 for 2simmons' point about mcw wasn't just that he was a good player on a shit team and that doesn't mean anything (he may have said that additionally), but more that he developed poor habits and tendencies while on that shit team, which i think is accurate. i probably disagree with his take that they would have been better off trading him, but i don't think that mcw's performance by any means warrants his being a building block for a future contender. he...
did you admit that you're speculating about the 6ers and mcw? how many of those games did you watch? i'm asking because i watched quite a few of their games because i unfortunately had mcw and thaddeus young on my fantasy team. simmons is exaggerating a bit, like always, but a lot of what he says rings true. mcw absolutely played worse defense as the year went on, and jacked up a number of poor shots for a pg (yes, i know his teammates were d-leaguers).if i don't know shit...
lol are you serious? this from the guy who kept talking GSW even though he admitted he doesn't ever watch them. or that keeps talking about jabari's weight even though it literally never affected him in an actual game. that thinks BARGS is a probable reclamation...
i mean, he's about avg efficiency and he doesn't rebound or assist at all sooooo.plus he is super young but it doesn't seem like his ceiling is that much higher."a lot more" yea right. he'd make mid-level exception money, maybe.lol have you ever seen parker play basketball
yea that's what i mean. if good SGs are so scarce that they're all overpriced then screw that position and spend your money elsewhere. klay can't dribble and can't pass and can't draw fts.
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