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1. You're the worst.2. I would looooooove to hear you and your horrendous sense of humor come up w/ a nickname for any player you thought was better than stifle tower. I'm kind of giddy thinking about it. Your singular form of joke is " max player? "
stifle tower is a great nickname. hawks play the jingle from the office whenever mike scott scores. also, here's a sobering and short-ish article about diana taurasi and russian women's basketball. taurasi is the 1st player to sit out the WNBA season this year completely and just play in russia. she's making 1.5M there, 110k here. she seems like an interesting...
Klays out a week or two. Serge had surgery. Who knows about Durant. Sigh.
Yeah like I said, this is literally the worst way to tank. Scott is in the 1st year of a 4 year contract and all his players hate him! Lin knows he's a freaking idiot. It honestly drives me crazy, and I'm not even a lakers fan. Byron Scott has been a horrendous coach for almost a decade; I give him no benefit of the doubt that he's actually purposely tanking. Namor, that's a totally true issue, one that I probably don't want to even touch. I don't think the problems are...
the lakers roster is terrible, but that's my point. byron scott is an abomination of a coach. he's literally the least forward-thinking coach in the league, most of his basketball strategy is wrong, nothing he does makes sense. im not saying they should be winning more games, because who knows? i'm saying they've missed a giant opportunity to try to establish a new coach and maybe a new system, for an entire year. instead they're wasting it on a coach who had 0% chance of...
it hurts my head and my soul that byron scott still has a head coaching job. someone thought he was one of the top 30 basketball coaches on earth! on earth!! can't even use tanking as an excuse. you're the freaking lakers, you could have any young up and coming coach you want. get a brad stevens type and have him lose but at least get some experience. lin's so sad in la he even stopped doing his hair 😩
this is true imo. ridiculous that nets cannot sell a large minority stake in a country where chipotle charges an extra $2 for guacamole.obvious that salma hayek knows nothing about avocado farming; why should we let her enforce these draconian pricing policies?
haha yes. i dvred it. i really know very little (for a dukie) about duke bball history but i'm pretty intrigued to watch it
real talk, "rebel alliance" just a propaganda term for a band of straight-up terrorists
wow you guys like it when duke loses? really going out on a limb there
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