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i dunno if he's gonna get in, i'm not a hof expert. i just know that it's comparably a lot easier to get into the bball hall than in other sports.bball reference puts his chances at 75%, which i think is kinda high. http://www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/hof_prob.htmlbtw the only ppl who have averaged 15 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 1.5 stl, 1.1 blks over a career are shawn marion and hakeem olajuwon. DONT YOU FEEL DUMB NOW (but seriously i was really surprised by that lol)
What an awesome moment. Incredible turnaround in team chemistry...remember last year when waiters and Irving literally had to deny that they got into a fistfight?Didn't realize Marion is definitely retiring. Hell of an underrated player, has a shot at the hof.
oh my b, if chicago wins tonight they stay #3, but if they lose and toronto wins, they drop to #4. i'm not sure what would be best for them. washington is kind of a tough matchup for them at 5, but it might be a better idea to play for atlanta in round 1. they have a big size advantage on them, although they guard lebron pretty well usually. i think basically everyone else in the east should try to avoid cleveland.
you got a lotta courage tempting the basketball gods as someone who roots for derrick rose
ok! playoff scenario time: SAS @ NOP tomorrow, spurs favored by 5 UTA@HOU, rockets by 3 OKC@MIN, thunder by 14 IND@MEM, grizz by 4 ORL@BRK, nets by 8 WEST: seeds 1, 4, and 7 are set (gsw, por, dal). portland will not have home court advantage in the 1st round. 8 seed: if the pels beat the spurs, they're in. if the pels lose and OKC wins, they're in. seeds 2-6, as from matt moore: memphis has 27 losses, everyone else has 26. basically, if the spurs win (and they are...
it's too bad that paul george is a bron fan cuz otherwise i would swear he and his new headband were just trying to rub his super-low hairline in lebron's balding face. look at him, there's extra hair sticking out under it! it's the complete inverse of what bron looked like w/ a headband! one of the best threeheads in the game.
today the 16-time champion lakers played players named Black, Blue, and Brown, none of whom were on the team 4 months ago. byron scott played his starting guards 93 minutes. the only promising player on the team hurt his ankles twice tonight and sat a total of 49 seconds. in minnesota the only hope of the franchise says his knees are chronically sore and he's "hurting all over" but flip played him 44 minutes tonight. they lost again, and have lost 11 in a row.
hahhaahahhahhahahaahahahaha knicks can't stop winning now. went from clear #1 in the lottery odds to potentially tied for 2nd.
yeah, it is pretty crazy how some teams are just constantly dominant in the nba. almost entirely a factor of how superstar-driven the league is. but nobody is touching what teams used to do back in the day, e.g. how many titles russell won.
i think he's restricted.well the thunder are in the tax right now, so i dunno how much of a diff that would have made. if they traded for lopez and managed to dump a couple of ppl, say lamb and telfair (and didn't pick up novak), they only would have been $4M over what they're spending now. and they're ognna be close to the cap if not over next year.but the point is: lopez is better than kanter isn't he? i was certainly down on him earlier this year but he's been great...
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