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i don't really understand people who are anti-advanced stats...obviously you never want people who don't watch games and just look at stats...but those people just don't exist. this exists in football too, and pro-stats ppl there always just say: advanced stats are just more information. why would you willingly turn down more information that could be helpful to winning games? this doesn't need to be done at the expense of watching games. re: popovich of course duncan is...
as a knicks fan, ed, i'm sure you realize that the knicks best season in the past 15 years happened mostly from tons of 3s coming off of lots of ball movement and carmelo being dominant at the 4.seriously this is the definition of straw man...can you name a single member of team management or even a single espn/yahoo/whatever analyst that does this? even if you think that people like me don't watch games (which is blatantly false), those people shouldn't matter at all to...
westbrook has a small fracture in the second metacarpal in his hand ughhhhh
who cares about baseball OR peds
lol i feel like melo always beats lebron in the reg season. kobe and melo are basically in the same situation, right? at least melo's in the east.aint nobody wanna watch them fight. it's just dumb when players act so hard. like dwight, who LOVES CANDY AND PORNSTARS and is a gigantic baby, or kobe who grew up rich in freaking Italy, have ever fought before. talk of "soft" and shit is ignorant and unnecessary, miss me w/ all of that....i'm not saying i would be able to fight...
i have a favorite team now, it is team westbrook, and i am a diehard fan and have been since i was born
someone's gotta talk about the lakers considering they're gonna be bottom 2 in the westuh, no. also he kept yelling "try me"
lol at the kobe dwight "fight," esp kobe calling dwight soft. neither of those dudes has ever gotten in a fight in their entire lives. it's like how kg would never actually fight anyone
barkley is still gold. kenny is still dumb and shaq is still the worst. LOL during pre-game kenny was somehow saying that pat riley built the heat a stronger team than they had while lebron was there, and barkley just stared at him dumbfounded. then he goes, "yeah, but they TOOK THE ENGINE OUT THE CAR."
i kind of just ignore SAS until the playoffs...they're gonna win their 60 games, pop is gonna play his mind games, they're gonna sit some people for funny reasons, and they're gonna get great contributions from unknown bench players. that organization is so crazy. yeah dallas that high is a bit surprising. but they did get parsons, who was the 5th seeded rockets' 3rd-best player last year, that's a pretty huge addition. definitely the biggest add of any playoff team...
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