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this applies to steph curry a lot actually. iirc he's really low on corner 3s, as well as super low on assisted 3s (for the same reason).
i'm touched you think that's a negative ramification.
good point, there are no ramifications if you keep writing shit posts.
@lawyerdad i obviously didn't say that anyone is intentionally turning down more information that could be helpful. i tried to reframe the "advanced stats and analytics" concept to attempt to show ed and others that it's not about blindly following what the data says or using that above game tape.oh, and since you can't read...happy? now stfu.
managed to catch a couple games this weekend (yay free league pass preview!) golden state's offense is kinda different, i guess (much more freewheeling, way fewer post-ups), but tonight they were prone to the same sort of dry spells as last year. most of it seemed heavily correlated to curry being on the bench, though. their defense is still tons of arms, even if green can't (and shouldn't be able to handle) lma. klay really has improved since last year, i'll give him...
it would be pretty boring if that were to happen. i don't necessarily think it has yet. the spurs and the heat (w/ lbj) played pretty similar styles, the rockets play pretty damn differently. the suns play a balls-out frenetic style. most of those stretch 4s are very much role players, and don't impact the team's offense that much.memphis is actually one of the most interesting teams, and they famously hired maybe the most well-known stats guy (john hollinger from espn) to...
i'm def not an expert but i'm not quite sure what you mean about the stretch 4s, corner 3s, clippers on defense? do you mean if chicago focused less on D and tried to follow the prototypical analytics approach on offense? i think lots and lots of teams nowadays use some variation of the thibodeau defense that heavily relies on minimizing shots at the rim and corner 3s, a the expense of open mid-range shots and floaters. it would be difficult to tell how much advanced...
btw klay got his max contract. 4 yrs, $70Mrfx, here's where the guy you quoted earlier was wrong. it wouldn't really have saved the warriors any money extending him now.http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2014/11/02/klay-thompson-max-deal/
wojt and ed,yeah, you are right that internet dumbasses do exist that just look at stats and think they are the end all be all. i just think they are in the minority, rather than majority, and i don't think they're any worse than super homers who don't provide any rational thought or explanation. i group them in the same category where you just have to ignore them. i don't think that should say anything about the legitimacy of the concept of advanced stats, etc. like youre...
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