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So I just received this today and there are indeed crinkles around the legs, sleeves, and back. Does anyone know if there's a method to permanently get rid of the crinkles? It's not a bad effect, but I'm not at the point where I can just have a fashiony suit.
Guys, I got my black/black-indigo cotton Paraffin from Suspension Point and it is freaking legit. Pics sometime when I don't have exams.
Thanks guys, bought the Lanvin suit.
I acquired a NWT Stephan Schneider Size V navy/gray wool paraffin jacket, but it is unfortunately a bit too big for me, so it is for sale. 70% wool/25% poly/5% cashmere Made in Belgium It would work best for about a US40. The jacket is a beautiful study in contrast. The gray/beigeish sleeves are dynamic and intricate compared to the thick and sturdy navy of the body, The double-faced wool is thick and cozy. If I could find this in a Size IV, I would buy it in a...
Well Fagassent takes the cake for worst brand name.
crosspost from WAYWT (hahahahha)
Yea I kinda figured he mistook navy for black on the grey/beige sleeves. Either way I need a size IV, so damn.
Thanks cyc. Just called and they said they only have a black colorway w/ gray sleeves (???) but only in size V.Blargh. Hoping it shows up in some shop's later shipments...
I acquired a Size V navy/gray wool paraffin jacket, but it is unfortunately a bit too big for me. Given the amount of colorways on the market, it seems like few navy/grays are out there, so please contact me if you have it in a Size IV! Related: if you would like to trade your Size IV for my Size V please PM. Thanks!
Just called South Willard and they said they aren't carrying Schneider anymore?Which leads to my issue: the navy/gray colorway on the Paraffin jacket is a bit big in Size V on me. Suspension Point isn't carrying that colorway (only available in pre-order), so I can either:1. Try to sell on B&S and buy a Size IV from somewhere else (looks like Other-Shop might be the only option). It's about $100-150 more, but I guess that was expected.2. Try to wait for other stores to...
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