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bazemore revenge game!!!!damn dude atl home crowd shut it down. they were all over the refs, stood for at least the last 5 min of the 4th, whenever korver or mike scott touched the ball, etc. maybe 10% of the crowd were warrior fans? [[SPOILER]] i kinda feel like the hawks were a bit lucky to win this game. they hit a ton of 3s, and shot 15-27 overall. a lot of them were open, but even so. w/ normal shooting luck and neutral court, the game comes down to the wire i think....
yupp, highly anticipated. last time i went (for okc) there was actually a substantial line to get in the arena near tip-off, which i'd never seen before (), i expect similar tomorrow
....sarcasm? for real tho i was honestly kind of disappointed curry went nuts and hit 10 3s last night, that definitely lessens the chance he's gonna go crazy tomorrow
so schneider is taking inspiration from mauro and just throwing sleeves on things now huh? some interesting stuff in there but don't think i can commit to any of it. also if only yak wasn't so expensive...
i dont think anyone really considers del negro, his agent is prob just huge buddies w/ all the reporters
Jesus, so racist. At least be accurate and call him Half-Black
Brilliant humorist crafts yet another scathing comeback by literally summarizing post and calling it not funny, then looks around his empty apartment, confident he is the funniest person in it. idfnl knows less about comedy than he does about the nba.
Not Eastern European like Russia or somewhere respectable, the story is that he got waived by a team in Lebanon. Lebanon!! They have basketball there!
that ties into jimmy butler admitting his D has slipped:http://espn.go.com/chicago/nba/story/_/id/12280131/jimmy-butler-blame-chicago-bulls-scuffling-defenseit's interesting, 3 of the players i can think of that took huge leaps in offensive load this year are conley, gasol, and butler. all their defensive games, which used to be top-notch, have slipped as result, from analysts saying so to their team and personal D stats taking hits.i actually think klay's defense might...
fun grantland article on hero ball http://grantland.com/the-triangle/hero-ball-is-awful-except-when-it-works-because-then-its-the-best/ i think about this mcgrady game maybe once a year and i always get chills down my spine. absolutely one of my favorite moments in nba history.
New Posts  All Forums: