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dude is almost a young, better-shooting danny green.there was so little defense being played back then compared to now. old heads love crowing about handchecking, while totally ignoring the fact that the defense rules are totally different now and def systems are way more complicated than ever. plus people actually play transition d now. no way a 3-less league would be watchable nowadays.
Bargs lollllll.Don't really understand what you're saying about Parker. "Weight problems" is quite relative, no? The guy ain't Mike Sweetney. He certainly didn't look fat at all in college. He could slim down in the same vein as Harden could slim down, doesn't preclude him from being a good player. "1 or 2 good years" and then downhill is an odd thing to predict, what modern player has done that? And doesn't Cleveland desperately need a 3 and probably a 4? Deng probably...
guys i fucking love listening to barkley but he doesnt even watch basketball anymore...rick fox THE ACTOR?!
lol such a strawman, there ain't no idiot sayin this shit that's not an espn commenter or on yahoo answers
hahahahaha. apparently the per (pre-game 5) for all the players ranked on both teams went: LBJ at something ridiculous, like 31, then SEVEN SPURS between 17 and 24, and then everybody else.this. non-lakers fans will not be aware it's possible to root for individual players that aren't kobe.i want memphis to be my favorite team but unfortunately it might still be houston. in the east i do like lbj and i have a fondness for the wizards.i don't claim to be a diehard fan of...
Duncan > Kobe
Spurs so outclassed the Heat, jesus christ. They're amazing. Hopefully nothing silly happens this offseason like Duncan retiring. Kawhi Leonard Finals MVP is damn crazy. Miami has some soul-searching to do. LeBron is basically in a sunnier Cleveland, with more famous teammates. Don't know what they can pull off in free agency, but this team come next year has little chance of winning a title if the other team is gonna be this good. Anyone saying LBJ didn't show up is...
Fun facts: Jimmy Goldstein owns the Big Lebowski house and is constantly seen with all types of models.
That was back in Phoenix, so yea
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