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noah? he's probably hurt, he had a mysterious knee surgery b4 the year and last year was his first healthy season in several years. i think there have been some whispers that he's playing injured. i think his drop in fantasy production is definitely going to last the whole year, and most likely his whole career. not really his fault, but he averaged 5.4 apg and 12.6 ppg last year, and w/ rose back and butler taking a huge leap there was no way he was going to come close...
yall forgetting klay for mip. right up there w/ dray and butler, he can do a ton more this year.mirotic was getting some dark horse roy talk but no way that happens now, right? haven't watched any minny games but wiggins is lighting it recently.i didn't take that away from the piece, although it would be difficult for me to summarize. to me it was a lot more about how kobe's mindset is expressed through his game, and how that stays the same while his body and team are...
oof, coulda seen noah regression coming from a mile away but i never thought it'd be this bad. i went w/ dirk in the 2nd round instead of marc gasol thought he'd put up 20 and 7 on great shooting but he's been shooting poorly since the 2nd month of the season, even more so since rondo got there. so dumb. lol lance stephenson.
Yea I held him all the way until they got smoove, sigh. My best move so far is drafting draymond green, then dropping him a few days into the season, then picking him back up a week later before anybody else. The league I'm in is 8-cat daily, what about you guys?
whoa i just realized this thread existed. hopefully i have time to join next year.lol @indesertum it's funny that we got a lot of the same players. pour one out for terrence jones
here's a cool article on the hawks rebranding themselves and doing the exact opposite of what the owner's leaked email desired. that is, they're taking an L on the baseball fan demographic and solely advertising towards blacks and millenials down here (tinder swipe right!!). you can really tell when going to the games. i was kind of honestly surprised when there was a white family of 4 behind me last...
melo for sure, kobe maybe as well, there've been rumors. kobe is surprisingly not shooting for malone/jabbar as hard as i thought he would. publicly he's said he doesn't care about it at all and that he's gonna retire after next year, and he's passing a ton more recently. pretty shocking to me, given how he started the year.
Everyone relax, this argument is moot once Kobe shuts it down for the season in a month or so
yea that makes sense. funny that denver won the trade, given those articles earlier this year saying that the nuggets had an amateur for a gm. also LOL look at this pic, is it even real?? it's like blake gave dude two eternal black eyes from those dunks
i think it was a decent move, but given that there were at least 2 options for them, both more or less comparable (koufos and mozgov), you think they woulda been able to get one of them for just 1 first. mozgov isn't bad but he isn't an above-average overall nba player and at 28, he's not going to improve. the thing he's still most known for is getting dunked on repeatedly.it's astounding koufos is 25 lolol given his hair situation i thought he was like 32.i mean when you...
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