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restructuring contract is not an option in the nba. only thing that could happen is lbj opting out (which is an option in his contract) and taking less money, but he's already shown a desire to get max money, so that doesn't look likely.cavs arent the only bidders tho. there are reports now that warriors are willing to trade klay thompson. that could complicate things, since love may sign an extension if traded to GSW.yeah, this. kyrie is legally not allowed to...
I didn't even think about Houston for Bledsoe. That would be a great get for them. Adds another defender, sends Beverley to the bench where he'd be better anyway.If they pay him the max, though, Phoenix is most likely going to match. That's actually happened a decent amount this year (ppl tryna steal other teams' RFAs), unlike in years past so much.
sacre! ... dj mbenga? ... samaki walker?
I guess so. I'll believe that the Bulls are liberal w/ their money when I see it.Pretty sure Harden and Howard are gonna hate each other this season after the playoffs. I don't see how McHale can be back after his contract is up. Would be so hypocritical for Morey to show so much more loyalty to his shitty coach than most of his players.
2 players scored 60+ against the bobcats no wonder they changed their name backso much this post. jeez, b4 simmons' article i didn't realize he'd be losing so much going to the bulls. $60M! >50% paycut!
"apologist." "hater." so lame.i don't think you're stupid enough to think that cleveland really represents his best chance at winning a championship so what are you really arguing? i notice you didn't mention houston or chicago like i'd brought up.btw literally every analyst post-finals said that miami would have the eastern conference locked up if the big 3 returned. just like every analyst agreed during the season that the cavs had derailed their team far too much to...
god houston got soooo totally fucked. they're in deep shit now. team's gonna be worse than last year and they don't have any way to substantially improve (barring a trade for love, but they have no assets).happy and shocked about the lbj news. interesting thing is that he basically has to stay on cleveland for the rest of his career. it wouldn't make any sense to leave from a public image standpoint. he's taking a gigantic risk in going there.LOL wade got so screwed.lol...
this is so amazing but unfortunately made up...lololol dirk is TRASH
well what are they gonna offer? parsons? theyre prob gonna have to trade a pick to get rid of lin so i dunno if they would have the picks available to beat gsw's potential offer.also bosh plays better defense than love. I like bosh as a fit a lot for them actually.but i agree that people are sleeping on love. he's like a top 5 or so player. gsw is foolish imo for not trading klay for him.yea there's a limit to the % that your salary can jump each year, so that contract is...
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