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Lol giving up Reggie bullock and a 2nd rounder for Austin rivers. Lopez doesn't really fit w/ the okc offense...you don't really need anybody else sucking up shots in the post, right? He's not exactly the kind of player to do rim runs after a screen and open up the court. Plus he's been healthy for awhile and he's not doing much in Brooklyn. Guess it might not hurt (except $17 mil next year, Jesus), but hard to say it'll be an improvement. Man the Okc defense was pretty...
dahntay jones is definitely the most random "huh? he went to duke?" player in the nba
Thanks for the tip. Size 48 here, didn't see too much left in my price range, will check again.
i'm super busy for the next month so i haven't been able to watch that much, instead just checking box scores and stupidly arguing on here, so i haven't really seen him play. i've just seen crazy highlights of him eurostepping in transition and things like that lol. i actually have favors and gobert on my fantasy team so i'm hoping penis kanter straight falls down a well.
Well most of the wool Rotas are >$400, right? I'm not sure what the $40 tailoring credit entails (thanks for bringing that up), but if it's just hemming, I don't usually spend anywhere near that amount for that, so the grand "total" would be $350 or so?I'm not arguing whatsoever that Rota isn't dynamite value, just throwing it in there that I'd only be able to appreciate pants in a lower price tier
wtf is david blatt doing?? i get if you sit kevin love for defensive purposes but they had freaking james jones out there and the better morris twin destroyed the guy for a career high 35 points. love ended up being benched the entire 4th. havent watched the bulls that much, jury is out. from what i've read gasol is putting up bomb fantasy stats but drastically can't do anything against big athletic skilled centers, might be something else to watch for mo williams!!!!...
I still don't buy it, and the original context didn't really fit it, which is why he had to clarify his statement. I mean, nobody talks like how blast said that.Doesn't matter what I think, tho, only Kevin love, and today love said he doesn't plan to opt out at the end of this year, which gives Cleveland another year w/ him. Assuming he sticks to his word, that takes a heck of a lot of pressure off the cavs to win this season.Btw Orlando (4th worst O in the NBA) put up 121...
any possibility of pants at a lower price point? something around 200 or so and work-appropriate would be amazing. by this point outerwear the better portion of a grand and shirts up to 250 seem palatable to me, but i haven't been able to bridge that mental gap when it comes to pants. rotas look really good on the site but they're a nonstarter.
damn, the shine is off of david blatt, huh? i haven't gone to any games but all i hear is how he's constantly yelling, it looks like the players are sick of him, he can't control the egos, etc etc. the offense isn't where it needs to be, and some are saying, "that's not his offense, that's bron's offense," but it's kind of your job as coach to implement what's best for the team, isn't it? i think he deserves to finish out the year at least, but if they haven't made any...
very true, and indesertum is a big proponent of those advanced statshaha shav! will always be remembered by duke fans. he's one of the two most hated (by duke) players in recent memory, along w/ mcroberts
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