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wtf you guys forgot damon jones
chalmers might literally be having the worst contract year finals series in history. his PER is negative. negative!
Yea i understand all those reasons. Just saying that the underdogs thing (not just talking to you) flat-out doesn't apply in this case. Won't troll any more on this
Yeah that makes sense that your friends have a better idea of judging favorites and underdogs than people who generate $100 million+ doing this professionally.
Just realized all these ppl say they rooting against LBJ cuz they like underdogs but SA is the favorite in the series....
http://i.imgur.com/2EmpIAX.gif"Gone, like those sad, bewildered fans leaving early Saturday into the Indianapolis night, their body language trudging up the stairs looking as defeated as the team on the floor." http://hangtime.blogs.nba.com/2014/04/19/homecourt-edge-gone-pacers-funk-deepens-in-game-1-loss/"Indiana fans fled Bankers Life Fieldhouse early after watching Game 2 slip away from their Pacers"...
Will be hard, but not impossible. Anyone wanna guess how much SA won last year's game 3 by? 36 points. Btw MIA's crowd was actually pretty good tonight, and was very good the last round or two. Every team's crowd has ppl who leave when they're down at the end of the game, but most of those teams don't come back to win. LBJ wasn't aggressive enough, turned ball over like crazy, Chris Bosh got 12 (!!) total touches, Chalmers is actively dousing his next contract with...
omgomgomg spurs offense. they could regress to the mean in the 2nd half and still comfortably shoot 60%
rondo's supposed to be very smart. also a weird loner. battier (not a superstar tho by any means), grant hill.
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