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harden knows wassup
hard to tell on the deflection...some angles looked like the ball changed flight, but the overhead (?) one made it look like there was clear space btwn the hand and the ball. clock probably started late, but it looked kinda fast-ish anyway, right? like that shot def takes less time than a jump shot. grizz are so awesome. that leaning 3 conley hit to take the lead in the last minute was killer. boogie is also awesome. really clutch in the last min.
good heavens, imagine if somebody got his hand and shoulder squeezed in a game, auto ejection and multi-week suspension. what a stupid cash grab
i kno right?zach lowe said at some pt he had an ongoing bet w/ a front office guy from some team. lowe thinks butler is gonna get 12M/yr w/ his next contract, the other guy said no way. if he keeps up his current offense (20 ppg on 50% shooting) or anywhere near that it's a lock.kawhi is finally having a good game!! 24/10 on good shooting.
it's hard to imagine what kawhi would be like put into the role that butler was forced to play last year. butler had to create a lot and his efficiency was abysmal; kawhi's never been close to that situation (maybe a bit in the finals). a bit like gordon hayward, although hayward is pretty clearly more skilled on offense.
butler gon get his $$ too. he keeps shooting like this, the higher into the double digits its going.
nah they wouldn't trade boogie (and diadem didn't say that). they put out feelers to potentially trade basically nothing for smith and just take on his contract.
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