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i don't think he works as a 3rd banana that well, but he certainly doesn't fit their offense so far. i've only watched a couple games but it seems like basically every clutch possession is a bron pick and roll. sometimes the ball works its way to kyrie for a secondary pick and roll. i guess they throw love a token post possession every once in awhile but there's none of the off-the-ball action that they ran for him in minny that zach lowe always brought up
he's gritty and got that deceptive speed? makes the most of limited natural ability?
shit man, wiggins trade might have been a bad idea too. it's too reactionary but wiggins' #s are phenomenal recently, and love's fit on cleveland has been much worse than anticipated.
i think this is a lot of bluster and leaking from billy king to try to ramp up interest, a lot of those teams make no sense for brook. but point taken. anyways if he goes to okc i would be shocked if he ends up playing crunch time in the playoffs, so i think his fit on the team isn't very good. i kind of think the best fit for their team would be a humphries or kaman-type player, esp w/ their contracts. but we'll see.
lol ok. please find me the best player who was salary dumped in a trade for not even 2 2nd round picks. i'm not gonna just believe the idea that many teams want lopez. if many teams wanted him then someone would pony up literally any asset to get him. if he was a net overall good player some team would take the risk on a skilled young big man. if he could help them win at all brooklyn would keep him because they don't even own their own picks. comparing him to joe...
what else can it mean if all they're getting back is lamb...this isn't like tanking teams selling off their good players for 1st-round picks. if the nets can't get literally anything useful back for lopez, then that means that they can't get anything useful from any other team either, which means that most likely nobody in the league thinks he's a very good player.just temper your expectations. it's like josh smith, these players fall off cliffs quickly, they're not the...
Well they definitely don't need a post presence imo, if anything they just need a new coach and offense.I think I agree w/ you that they might as well try to get him. But I do think you're overvaluing him...guy is a 26 yo 7"2 center w/ offensive skills, if he was good brooklyn would keep him instead of firesaling him in the same category as deron Williams and joe Johnson. He's been back from injury since 12/23 and still can't start over plumlee so he's as healthy as he's...
Lol giving up Reggie bullock and a 2nd rounder for Austin rivers. Lopez doesn't really fit w/ the okc offense...you don't really need anybody else sucking up shots in the post, right? He's not exactly the kind of player to do rim runs after a screen and open up the court. Plus he's been healthy for awhile and he's not doing much in Brooklyn. Guess it might not hurt (except $17 mil next year, Jesus), but hard to say it'll be an improvement. Man the Okc defense was pretty...
dahntay jones is definitely the most random "huh? he went to duke?" player in the nba
Thanks for the tip. Size 48 here, didn't see too much left in my price range, will check again.
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