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not sure where to get the breakdown but you can see all the shots here., count for yourself. i don't specifically remember any shots he put up off cuts or in transition, so the vast majority should be post ups, w/ some isos. he took a ton of jumpers, but one tends to do that when shooting 38 times. he was in the paint a lot.
"almost always settles for a jumper"itt: people bitching about having to watch the best player in the league put up 44 in a finals game. this wasn't a superlative performance of his or anything but to come away from last night's awesome game w/ a hot take like "that game was terrible to watch clipper-spurs was the only good series why doesn't everyone play like golden state why can't the warriors clone themselves 29 times and have their own league" means you're spoiled and...
why the hell can't any of you tell the difference btwn an iso and a postup, cuz lebron posted up way more than he isoed. kyrie news wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtf jr smith played like microwaved trash last night. if he plays better they win the game. i don't know why blatt kept him out there instead of shumpert. kyrie played a fucking great game, every bit as good as curry. he was even really good at defense, and not just gambling plays. like, legitimately good. it's such a shame...
yes the lakers should probably wait as long as possible. because that went really well for them last year, when they missed out on stan van and steve kerr. really shortsighted to think that the lakers are just vying against the currently coachless teams for thibs. there's also a decent chance thibs takes a year off and is 1st in line for the best coaching vacancy next year.
sure and it's a fluid situation, but gentry was a good choice and thibs is an upper-tier coach i'd say. dunno what the market is going to look like next year. i hope for their fans' sakes that they don't actually want to keep byron scott.
you think so? i really disagree; lakers have gotten superstar FAs since canadians invented basketball. i dunno why they're wasting their time w/ scott. even if you say this year doesn't matter cuz kobe's making bank and nobody wants to play w/ him, that doesn't preclude you from locking up a good coach.
so many decent-good coaches on the market and the lakers and knicks stickin with byron scott and derek fisher heehhehehehehhehe
addendum: an "injury expert" posted this:
he will most likely be fine to return. i don't remember a regular season concussion ever costing a player more than 1-2 games in the past year or so. there is a chance this one's recovery takes longer cuz it was a violent hit. i'd say 50% of nfl players w/ concussions come back in a week, some miss 1 game.
this game is ugly af and wont end. wtf happened to iguodala from the ft line mang. did you know he shot 82% from the line in his 3rd season? harden with an all-time worst performance, jesus. terry is the only one to come to play all game tonight. edit: forgot about ariza. ariza always comes to play and never gets any credit.
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