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Gf's quilted BCDR:
Jeez i had to scroll through pages and pages of body talk and body talk talk.@reedobandito @nicelynice bless coats unite!x-post from monochrome contest: [[SPOILER]] gf's outfit: [[SPOILER]]
Mine is a Bless canvas hoodcoat, hers is TOJ quilted BCDR
Gf wanted to get in on the fun [[SPOILER]]
Thanks kg! Right under the wire. [[SPOILER]]
Damn, I just saw this. What's the deadline on fit posting, midnight? Got an interesting cream/ivory idea.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to find this shirt anywhere. I need it in a Size IV or V if possible. It's from SS13. Let me know if you have one or have seen it around! Thanks.
^ White ones? Perforated or unperforated? Love my white unperforated ones (thanks steveo!). Still in heavy rotation.
Didn't post a fit, and don't post all that much, but I wanted to chime in and say this was a great idea! Lots of interesting pieces and combinations. If you do it semi-consistently, I'm sure you'll get more and more worthy fits.
Some stuff is, some stuff isn't. The shirts are getting more and more expensive. Some of the knits are way more expensive (like the Bee or Ijevan) than others (like the Brood or unnamed ones). But it's a lot more palatable to me to spend $400 on a knit than $200 on a shirt.
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