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lolol daryl morey calling barkley on his shit. BEEF morey during the houston game retweeted this: The Rockets are the 5th best team in defensive efficiency this season. Charles Barkley is a dunce.— Eric Rosenthal (@ericsports) February 11, 2015 then tweeted this himself: Best part of being at a TNT game live is it is easy to avoid Charles spewing misinformed biased vitriol disguised as entertainment— Daryl Morey (@dmorey) February 11, 2015 barkley on tnt:
yea it's rough right?? neo wow you're right, butler would have to be in the convo. waiting on more than a half-season's worth of data is the biggest issue. i think it's john wall? maybe just a bit above lowry? and kyrie might be next. dunno about where george or melo lie. love's value has really plummeted...maybe he's like 15-20? bosh might be high, but who really knows. brandon knight i can't really say i trust, but i don't watch him very much.
haha east so weak. someone on twitter asked: besides lebron, who is the next best player currently in the east, and what # would he be ranked? maybe like 8th?
guys guys, it's perfectly possible for two people to both be wrong about the definition of irony.
yea they def could. i (maybe neo too?) was defining window as chip contender, which they totally were literally just 12 months ago. what a weird and utterly disastrous year it's been for them. hibbert is such a bizarre player. look at the inconsistency here over his last month! it's just all over the place.
im not so sure. zach lowe hammered this home when pg got injured, but hibbert is just a bizarre player and nowhere near all star level (who makes 15 mil), george hill has probably maxed out his talent and is a significantly below-average point guard (who makes 8 mil), and they reallllly don't have anyone else on that team. they'd def be a playoff team but i don't see any circumstance where they upgrade to be a championship contender, probably not even an east contender....
there are rumors that paul george is gonna be back sometime in march. i doubt it happens unless they can reach the playoffs really easily, i think simmons and lowe said the same? but at the same time, a broken leg is not some giant injury, it's way preferable to a torn knee ligament, unless you're a huge football lineman.you must be reallllllly proud of this one, you even attempted to make a joke! your "jokes" are like shaq's dwight criticisms.btw if anyone still isn't...
yea i stopped listening to jalen and jacoby awhile ago too. too much material, and i don't buy jalen's analysis at all. simmons and lowe for me really hits a sweet spot of analysis, front office rumors and stuff, and levity. i get what you mean about nba after dark, i don't think i could do it if they did a weekly podcast. chris ryan might be the funniest person ever though, i love listening to him and greenwald on hollywood prospectus and i usually don't even watch the...
yea i know what you mean. zach lowe's definitely not funny...lots of other nba guys are, though, which makes it a lot of fun to follow. i always learn a lot from lowe, but there's not too much levity. netw3rk is still the funniest follow on twitter, "the starters" are fun and irreverent...basketball twitter is a revelation. do you ever listen to the nba after dark podcast? there's no analysis whatsoever, but it's all basketball gossip. it's kinda fun, mainly based on the...
hey man, all i know is that yesterday i only watched the 2nd quarter of lac-okc and i saw turkoglu literally take a handoff and immediately dribble it off his own leg for an okc fast break, and then big baby got bumped in the back by white collison while not paying attention during a rebound and immediately screamed and crumpled to the ground and flop over like a dropped sack of old donuts in the wind
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