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hahahahha. sold out on sp, i'll keep an eye out. damn, that black patterned wick coat sold out pretty fast. that was a beautiful piece, hopefully we'll see more fit pics.
I feel a powerful urge to reshape my personality and entire life and backstory to fit Synthese's breakdown of me Also I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one whose significant other is actually intimidated at the thought of gifting me clothing lol.
kk thanks. hard to justify any more scarves living in the south
Are those slumgum scarves the same material as the BEE cardigans? I like my BEE cardigan a lot but I don't think my neck could handle one of those.
"like a very hairy jake gyllenhaal to me..."
NdG reminds me of first getting into SWD, when I was taking the train into NYC when their basement store w/ the unhelpful Japanese dude held sales, so I could snatch up W+H hoodies and CPs to sell on B&S, promising him he wouldn't find them on eBay. You know what I'm talkin about.
Thanks budday but it's size 5
There are some great fits here. I loved NOBD, kgfan, acute style, GDL (coat brothers), reedo, ghostface...
Thanks for the love, guys! The fit contests are awesome, everyone should participate. (and I agree that she wins all the time)
It's a bit shorter than we intended while ordering, but it still works, just a diff look imo. Thanks for the thumbs!
New Posts  All Forums: