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oh, and then i watched the end of the suns-rockets, w/ dwight out. apparently the suns had outscored the rockets 25-9 w/ 6 min remaining in the 4th. i picked it up w/ the suns down 6 w/ 90 secs left, and they proceeded to tie the game up by hitting a 3, two 3-pt plays, and another 2 (it was crazy), while the rockets didn't screw up and only missed 1 free throw the whole time. then harden got the ball back tied w/ 15 secs. they double-teamed him. edit: it's really funny...
sup guys, just got back from watching the hawks win their 15th in a row tonight, beating okc. thoughts: atlanta's offense is so great. they have so many weapons, none elite, but all you have to be aware of. there's just so much motion, and a ton of passing, it literally seems like someone is open on every single play. atl-okc was tied-ish going into the half (korver dunk!!) but they missed a bunch of bunnies in the 1st half, then they pulled away. okc's offense was a bit...
Ugh, sucks about Kobe. You can think he's overrated and yet still sorely miss him. Think there's only a small chance of it happening, but I really really hope he doesn't retire this offseason. Lol Rfx, knowing Byron Scott he's gonna just let nick young jack 20 shots a game and play Ronnie price 40 mpg
it's prob true that they wouldn't have drafted lillard (which itself is obviously a poor decision) but they also could have had drummond at 9. anyways, the overarching point is that they exhibited horrendously poor judgment and then just straight-up lied to their fanbase. portland got rid of a player they didn't want for a pick with only top-3 protection. billy king told their fans that this didn't matter, since they only liked 3 players in the draft! what does that even...
haha, did you see this one?simmons' trade value column is up, reminding me that i have no idea how to evaluate trade value for players on rookie contracts. but he did go over billy king's worst trades, which is seriously defiantly atrocious. like it's honestly beyond mind-boggling how he's still employed. and this list is JUST FOR THE NETS!! he got fired from the 6ers and they all hate him! look at this:http://grantland.com/features/2015-nba-trade-value-part-1/
kobe can probably come back, right? i think it depends on when he wants to have surgery (if he needs it). some quick googling leads me to patty mills, who played on a torn rotator cuff through the chip, then had a 7-month surgery/recovery in the offseason. what's the point, i guess, but what's the point in not having him play if he wants to? i'm pleasantly surprised to see kyle lowry made the all-star game. totally forgot carmelo was going to, lol.
gosh i would much rather the spurs not be in the finals. them winning another ring would almost literally not impact any of those players' legacies whatsoever. it'd do 90% less than if any other team won it, anyway.i'm just salty cuz curry's on my fantasy team. if he played the average allotment of minutes he's probably be at 26/5.5/9 and 3.3 3s/g phewwwww.did you know justin holiday is jrue's older brother??
one can only imagine the stats and fantasy damage curry and klay could do if they were ever fucking forced to play more than 32 minutes a game
lol fucking forbes man. they valued the bucks at 405M, they sold for 550. they valued the kings at 300M, they sold for 534M. they valued the clippers at 575M and they sold for 2 billion!forbes editors: "uhhhhh why don't you add some multipliers to those random calculations you just made up before we print this shit?"hey, look we were just talking about thibs!Just for Fun: Which Teams Should Be Trying to Trade for Tom Thibodeau?lololol
that's a major failure of long-term planning tho. play those crappy guys during games that don't matter during the season, or the back to backs, and maybe they'll actually be useful by the end of the year. if not, then fine, but at least your elite guys aren't sucking wind in the playoffs every year.
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