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if i had it i'd post it. lakers are apparently benching lin and booze for ronnie price and ed davis. playoff push here they come!
i can't deal w/ this i've never seen anything even close to it
he puts up a lot of stats but he's down to 40% shooting and 61% from the line now w/ a bunch of turnovers and tons of dribbling, i dunno.yea it's a shame about gordon, he was playing like a d-leaguer this year b4 getting injured again, right?
i dunno man. i don't know if he can keep it up but he has been a world-destroyer this year so far. they're 8-9 in the west and the 2nd best player on his team is uhhhh....omer asik?? zach lowe said he's been the best player in the league this year, and i'm not sure i can argue w/ that. only competition so far is curry and harden, we'll see what happens.in related news, look at the top 7 seeds in the west, ommfgthe seventh seed in the west is projected to win 59 games!!!
speaking of kyrie btw, this (from the 2nd game of the season against chi) still freaking kills me
pierce gonna have the last laugh when his puberty finally finishes and he can fill in those spots on his beardyou can't feed somebody the ball when tyreke evans is dribbling it for 20 seconds each possession
watched about a half of nyk-cle today, lebron doesn't look close to the same. looks super slow on defense, people blowing by him and not even contesting shots. still having tremendous trouble on O around the rim, probably from not being able to deal w/ all the lost weight. even turned the ball over from indecision on a 4 on 2 where calderon and melo were the defenders, what in the world. i'd chalk it up to being early in the season, but a lot of smart analysts say his D...
i really don't know how those vertical leap tests correlate with actual in-game athleticism. some of em have super weird results. like marion makes a bit of sense cuz he was always a quick leaper, rather than a high leaper, but i'd expect griffin to have a huge vertical. maybe his running one is just a lot higher. btw the knicks play cleveland today so i'm excited for an ny win and for ed to come in here and talk up the triangle
yea my arms are pretty itchy at first but you (or at least i) get used to it after awhile. love the side pockets, makes it super easy to wear as the single layer of outerwear.
there's a really contrarian espn columnist, i think ethan strauss? who always talks about wingspan and how it's going to eternally limit blake from being a great defensive player. i don't know if i'd go that far but i probably buy that length has a bigger impact on defense than on offense.i watched 4 years of miles plumlee at duke lol. he's just not great at basketball. really quick, fluid, super (vertically) explosive athlete though. there's videos of him doing dunks in...
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