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nah just tweeted at him. he actually answers a lot of dumb questions on twitter, not really sure why
btw i asked zach lowe why houston's not going after bledsoe and he just said they don't have cap room. i totally forgot about the ariza contract, but it looks like that's why they can't afford anyone else in the double digits.kahn's not there anymore, he got fired. i guess it's flip saunders making all the decisions now.
re: eric bledsoe, just to clarify his options, he can get an offer from any other team, which the suns can match, he can agree to a contract w/ the suns, or he can sign a 1 year 3.7M qualifying offer w/ the suns, after which he'd be unrestricted next year.alright, so a young stopper + old-ish borderline starter PF
i have tons and tons and tons and tons of confidence in thibs' ability to create an elite defense out of below-average parts. we just finished watching a playoff series where chicago was relying on dj augustin and kirk hinrich to create any semblance of offense. any!! now dj augustin and carlos boozer are gone. and chicago can't take on love because of his defensive limitations?i have all the faith in the world that if they acquire love for butler and gibson, their defense...
What about 20 and 23 win seasons? Cuz that's kevin Durant.
Love those anecdotes. Wonder how well-correlated that kind of memory is with superstardom, esp with those known to have great basketball IQs.
sure jimmy "future thabo sefolosha" butler is untouchable and taj "i'm a 29 yo career backup PF" gibson definitely shouldn't be traded for a top 7 nba big man. meanwhile, here's a cool story bout (gasp) bron, where they talk about his eidetic memory. shit like this is interesting to me. I dunno who else in nba history has had this. it reminds me of stories of brett favre, and definitely of aaron rodgers, who can recall plays in the regular season against his old juco...
lol. what you're saying isn't outlandish or anything. kobe could certainly be ahead of lbj right now simply because of rings, and also longevity. just depends on your opinion. i think most ppl, though, would agree that lebron has been better during his prime than kobe was during his prime. that's not kobe's fault or anything, he just lacks the vision and the physical tools. but peak lebron to me has been noticeably better than peak kobe.dude scoring isn't everything...
Blah this is so dumb. It's like that post about how LeBron hasn't accomplished anything in his career. Like reaching the Finals and losing is actually worse than not making the finals.
the best thing about lance stephenson is that he has a brother named LANTZ. Kobe is a great league character and he deserves every right to sign that huge contract. He's a pretty interesting figure. WTS I don't think he's top 5 all-time, or really super close, and his contract is certainly harming LA's ability to sign free agents. LA is going to be like the 10th seed this year, and I don't really see Kobe winning another playoff round in his career...even if he gets a...
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