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^ Worst offense since the break. Great to see rose playing, and playing well for once out there. Dirk is so done on defense, harden put him a pick and roll basically every trip down. Dwight was fucking dominant. The rest of houstons team is so odd. Game was all over the place, super helper skelter, and the refs were pretty terrible for both sides.
holy crap wittman
i don't disagree w/ any of the stuff you said about teaching them how to be professionals; i mentioned that in my post. that's also something that a lot of ppl mention for team USA, where up-and-coming talents learn how much work the elite players have to put in to practice. that also goes into knowing the offense/defense and scouting opponents.i'm just iffier on how important it is to have an older player physically teach you tricks and skills. like i said, i think...
i agree player development is way underrated; i def don't take it into account enough. some players can seriously change their futures. like conley looked like a bust his 1st year and kept slowly improving year after year. dragic his rookie year seriously didn't look like he would ever become an nba player. not sure how many players had good mentors tho, at least in respect to on-court skills. coaches are prob way more important in that respect. like jimmy butler and klay...
predictions for the 1st round?mine: gsw in 4 (just way too good)hou in 5 (dallas has nobody to guard harden)clippers in 7 (?????)memphis in 7 (if healthy, would take them in 5 or 6)atl in 4 (brk bleh)cle in 5 (stephens will pull out a win)chi in 5 (mil has no experience, chicago can be pretty potent)tor in 7 (playoff wittman!)......agree or disagree?
how's this for stats? ~25% of tech fouls given in the nba this year occurred in suns games or clipper games. oh yeah, forgot the jazz. you're totally right that it depends on exum and hood to a lesser extent. they really need a pg that doesn't kill them. if favors and gobert can find a way to hit average efficiency together on offense they're gonna be good. but as they currently are, i doubt they're higher than 6th-7th or so.yeah i agree w/ you. it just makes it difficult...
we'll see what happens w/ matthews i guess. he was def gonna come back to portland b4 the injury, but maybe he'll go for highest bidder now? yea lma is gonna be 30 next year. and it's pretty foolhardy to rely on a draft pick when they're gonna pick in the low 20s. maybe they can get a free agent tho. wow according to draft express lillard's wingspan is 6'7.75" while curry's is 6'3.5". he's got tons of work to do on that end, we'll see if he can. he won't get the benefit...
i dunno man, matthews and lopez are both free agents. lopez is no great shakes but he fits what they do well, and they def need some semblance of paint protection. i don't know if they'll sign matthews, but he's unlikely to be near as good as he was this year next season.they reallllly need lillard to get to not-terrible levels of defense, and for batum to bounce back.
chris paul almost got 50-40-90, at 48.5-39.8-90 steph would honestly make it but he just shoots too many 3s. 48.7-44.3-91.4. he shot 53% on 2-pters but he took 8 3s a game! otoh aryan god meyers leonard shot 51-42-94 (!!!) tho he didn't have the attempts. almost half his shots were 3s too
i dunno if he's gonna get in, i'm not a hof expert. i just know that it's comparably a lot easier to get into the bball hall than in other sports.bball reference puts his chances at 75%, which i think is kinda high. http://www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/hof_prob.htmlbtw the only ppl who have averaged 15 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 1.5 stl, 1.1 blks over a career are shawn marion and hakeem olajuwon. DONT YOU FEEL DUMB NOW (but seriously i was really surprised by that lol)
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