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thanks for the input. as someone who doesn't have any desire to venture into the wvg thread it's good to hear an update. sometimes i look at all the stuff that's been sitting in the sale section for years and i worry about the business...i'm not a huge customer but i like the fact that it exists.
yup. didn't mean it as a complaint as much as a psa. i got one of their tote things and will buy from them in the future.yea i think i did notice that. it's nice, and not a dealbreaker. i just remember mauro at some point telling me he was thinking about a u-neck, but afaik that didn't end up happening.
yeah, these are great, just wish the neck hole was a biiit looser.one thing to note about wvg is their customer service is kind of bizarre. mauro is really nice and generous and patient, but from my experience, very scatterbrained. the 1st time i ordered a few tees, i returned one and never got a refund. after i emailed him a week or two later, he didn't remember why i needed a refund, so i told him and then he refunded me for two shirts instead of one. when i mentioned...
It's just the trailer but it's actually shocking a) how big a part he plays in this (an apatow movie) and b) how he's honestly not horrendous
You hold your tongue, hubie brown is a goddamn national treasure
george karl to be the kings' new coach, thankfully putting ty corbin out of his misery. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nba/sacramento-kings/kings-blog/article9782165.html look at this chart in this article of the kings entire history of coaches. ho. ly. crap. almost an unending marathon of sadness. one coach above 42% wins. one!!
Rockets really fucked up waiving Tarik black earlier this season to avoid the tax. Now dwights gone for 2 months and they're playing friggin Joey Dorsey, who is terrible. Black really isn't a bad backup center. Deandre was a monster tonight. He was honestly a man amongst boys on the glass. It ain't fair watching him against a 4" shorter josh smith. And the rockets had no idea what to do in the lane against him. Instead they just hacked him relentlessly. The rockets did...
only nerds know the names of batman villains
what's the source on this? id like to read it
Hmmm http://www.csnbayarea.com/warriors/hellmuth-bogut-professional-level-poker-player
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