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is there a consequence-free 2-week injury i can wish upon kd so that he doesn't come back tonight and russ gets more teams to dominate by his lonesome?
speaking against stats & things, i don't like kirk goldsberry's work on grantland. i feel like almost all he does is reimagine his shooting charts and then make proclamations based off of them. i don't think i learn much from his articles; i get the feeling he either doesn't watch that many games or at least can't explain his analysis in a way that educates the reader. i especially think he cherrypicks his stats and takes leaps of faith where he doesn't tell the whole...
lakers baby
yea i don't actually mind, just wanted to get a dig in. yall welcome to celebrate a winning streak. kind of wish dwight had played, that woulda been more fun.also, jeremy lin revenge game!! Is it a vine? RT @BaxterHolmes: Jeremy Lin tribute video here in Houston.— W.E.B.B.I.E DuBois (@fivefifths) November 20, 2014Is it just clips of Carmelo Anthony in a Rockets jersey? RT @BaxterHolmes Jeremy Lin tribute video here in Houston.— Royce Young (@royceyoung) November 20, 2014
btw i'm conflicted as fuck rooting for nick young because he's hilarious, but any publicity for him also indirectly boosts the female macklemore soooooo
are there gonna be 3 posts saying the word "lakers" after every win this season? going to have to muster up the patience to scroll by 20 more times.
yea right cleveland big 3, more like big 2: kyrie and MVP VAREJAO. btw this just happened in the last 5 secs of OT of nets-bucks, poor brandon knight. Phenomenal:
harden knows wassup
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