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gosh i would much rather the spurs not be in the finals. them winning another ring would almost literally not impact any of those players' legacies whatsoever. it'd do 90% less than if any other team won it, anyway.i'm just salty cuz curry's on my fantasy team. if he played the average allotment of minutes he's probably be at 26/5.5/9 and 3.3 3s/g phewwwww.did you know justin holiday is jrue's older brother??
one can only imagine the stats and fantasy damage curry and klay could do if they were ever fucking forced to play more than 32 minutes a game
lol fucking forbes man. they valued the bucks at 405M, they sold for 550. they valued the kings at 300M, they sold for 534M. they valued the clippers at 575M and they sold for 2 billion!forbes editors: "uhhhhh why don't you add some multipliers to those random calculations you just made up before we print this shit?"hey, look we were just talking about thibs!Just for Fun: Which Teams Should Be Trying to Trade for Tom Thibodeau?lololol
that's a major failure of long-term planning tho. play those crappy guys during games that don't matter during the season, or the back to backs, and maybe they'll actually be useful by the end of the year. if not, then fine, but at least your elite guys aren't sucking wind in the playoffs every year.
i dunno man, thibs is really good but maybe he's just like scott skiles on steroids. he'll improve a team a ton, but he'll bust through to elite status, his teams don't tend to have another gear in the playoffs, and he'll wear on players after awhile. the never giving players rest thing is honestly a massive problem too. not even resting them whole games but not playing them >40 min in games that aren't close. dude noah has been constantly injured his whole freaking...
ty corbin ahhahahhaahahahhahahhaahaahahahahahhahahahhahaaahhahahhhahahaha
smh yall talkin bout russ' 17 assists face ass like dion waiters doesn't even exist
it'd be so fucking lakers if they just randomly got russ and love lol can you even imagine
i wasn't putting korver down at all, i think he's phenomenal. indesertum said that korver would be a great addition to any team, and i fully agree w/ that, but i was just pointing out that you're not going to get the results that atlanta is getting w/ him by just adding him to any offense. he can do tons of stuff, be an elite spot-up guy, create a little off of closeouts, but atlanta has 100% optimized his talent into their scheme and not every team can do that. he runs...
korver is amazing but he still needs a system in order to get the most out of his talents. like if korver was on this cleveland team he wouldn't be running off screens making room for everyone else, he'd just be mike miller
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