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It's SO COLD in Atlanta, just kidding, it's 40 degrees and drizzling
Preparing for the Atlanta superstorm (hahahahh it's drizzling) [[SPOILER]]
Who CARES about the pre-order if NMWA is getting a re-issue of the merino coat (sorry Joseph some things are just higher priority)
Shirts are soooo nice but always tough for me to spend $200+ on shirts.
that jacket looks great. would look even better on my old apt's bathroom floor. ... because it would blend in perfectly and you might never find it again.
Just because TOJ is cheap as shit compared to high-end leather brands doesn't mean that they do nothing wrong. I have a number of TOJ products and I've never stressed out about wait times. I don't think most people should, either. With that said, it seems pretty obvious that Charly should simply be super vague about wait time inquiries. They don't know how long it's going to take exactly, which is more than understandable. Then don't give strict timelines. People don't...
^^ as a fellow asian, yellow hasnt been good to me
merino! fuuuuuuuuuuu
You guys crazy, thing retailed for 4 figures and it's worth it, given how AWESOME it was and how rare it is now.
Or Cotes right? They go by a few different names
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