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im sure some of the things you said are spot on but the bench was terrible in the 1st half and a significant net negative overall.and i was thinking bench overall in the playoffs, not just against the warriors, who have a very unique i said, the bench is a lot better than last year but that doesn't mean it's really good. and crawford is a fun regular season player but he's older now and he's consistently been worse in the playoffs than in the reg season. prob...
dunno about rose but i've slowly come around on windhorst. i generally dislike his reporting now and don't really trust him; i think he sensationalizes a lot of things.edit:bahahahhahayall crazy about the clippers bench. pierce is a legit addition sure, but crawford still unreliable/below average against a very good team esp in a playoff situation, rivers is still not a good basketball player (i say this as a dukie who will never forget his shot in the dean dome), josh...
doris is fine, she certainly isnt worse than any other studio person. besides who sits around watching nba studio pregame shit anyway
warriors have now won their 1st 4 games by more than any previous team in history
it certainly wasn't profitable, that's for sure. but i'm sure both sides were "at fault" for it: simmons wanted more and more and more resources, exposure, and placement, while espn didn't give them the exposure they wanted and played the rest of the grantland staff for fools. meanwhile they keep skip bayless (? million) and stephen a smith (3.5M/yr) and chris berman (3M/yr) employed.
i depends. on whose word you trust on how much it was losing, or whether or not it actually was. and on how you well you think they advertised it. and on what espn wants to do from here on forth. seems they've firmly planted themselves in the blatherblatherblather game and removed just about any substance. we'll see what the undefeated does if it ever comes around. all of you guys who complain about overpaid athletes: jeremy lamb just got a contract extension...
espn cancelled it so we have no access to any of their brilliant writers' articles or podcasts during the nfl or nba season, no biggie.
kobe has 51 fga and 56 passes on the season he's attempted 29 3s in 3 games and has hit 6 of them lololol gawd these lakers rockets were up 20 at halftime against the heat and lost by 20
has jeremy lin ever not had awful asian hair in his entire life, fuck
what's the sizing like on sweaters (g2, x8) this season? same as ijevan and bee last year (iv=38)?
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