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could you please elaborate on your opinion of love? i can't tell if you think that he's overrated or not
coach k visiting george:
Jesus, PG injury. A lot of ppl are complaining that the stanchion there was too close to the court. I just hope he doesn't have any career repercussions from this, that he gets back after next year 100%.
for the merino? probably not. but fyi same poster listed em on ths b&s here and the merinos are both listed as sold.
yah uh that's the point.....unlike all laker fans, kobe doesn't think lebron is his main rival, so you know he's not happy
as if kobe is satisfied w/ 5, 1 fewer than jordan
kobe, drunk in his house, alone, looking at smush parker's contact in his phone, thinking, hesitating......
hahhahhahahha lakers offer byron scott the job. i have to assume he'll take it, what the hell else is he doing? 4th team's the charm!!
oh god, so excited now. tween you're about a 36" chest?
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