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the refs in gs-mem haven't been great (when are they ever) but it was bizarre to complain about it last night. Esp to complain about physicality given, you know, your best defenders are bogut and draymond, who are super handsy 24/7. Jeff green is shooting 33% in the playoffs and 29 from 3. Memphis doesn't have any options left. If they knew how to counter defenses leaving tony Allen on a deserted island they would have figured it out 3 yrs ago. The warriors have a much...
lol at warriors fans whining about the refs. twitter straight up rampant w/ dubs fans complaints. this is why the tide of public opinion is turning against you.
david blatt has done next to nothing this year to show any aspect of being an above-average coach, whether that's running a good defense, running a creative offensive system (esp in crunch time), managing minutes, or managing personalities of star players. furthermore, he has actively done potentially irreparable and extensive long-term harm to the cavs by not figuring out a way to integrate kevin love to his satisfaction, calling out his max contract status, and not even...
whatevs man, blatt has brought this on himself. dude has a giant ego and really hasn't done anything good coaching-wise this year. you can blame that on lebron if you want but the bottom line is he hasn't proven he can do anything good as an nba coach. spo was a good coach in miami, even b4 bron got there. and his personality was great.
lol so: 1. blatt tried to call timeout after rose hit the tying layup, then tyronn lue quickly stopped him since they didn't have any left. that's supposed to be a tech. 2. blatt apparently drew up a play at the end where lebron was gonna inbound the ball. lebron straight overruled him and just told his team to get him the ball. if the cavs lose blatt's probably gonna get fired.
yooooo that was awesome but i'm a little sad it wasn't also a bank shot
think i'd take golden state, the clippers, memphis, the spurs, and houston over any east team.
Its really bizarre. Memphis has a lot more common right now w/ the team from the early reg season, as opposed to the one that was listless and mediocre after the all star break. Basically every player is playing well on either D or O except Jeff green who is trash. For golden state, curry is struggling and way out of rhythm after getting held a ton and being trapped on every screen, klay is very hit or miss, draymonds lacks of height is concerning on D against one of the...
WHOOOOOO whoop that trick!!! ProB gonna try to buy one of those Iron Mike Conley shirtsThat's kind of interesting...who are you referring to in particular? I feel like most of them have reasonably established voices and don't try to ape Simmons very much.I actually wonder if Simmons is gonna be able to poach some grant land writers wherever he goes. That's part of the reason I called it lose lose.
Only watched the 1st half and end of Cle-chi but clevelands offense was fucking embarrassing. Lebron was isoing literally every possession. Not only that, he would just hold the ball against butler and jab step, jab step, jab step. It was awful. Now apparently kyrie has a bum foot. If that's true, lebron is just gonna ISO more and I don't see them winning the series. Honestly might be better for them--love goes out and they lose, then he feels appreciated and stays.Here's...
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