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yah uh that's the point.....unlike all laker fans, kobe doesn't think lebron is his main rival, so you know he's not happy
as if kobe is satisfied w/ 5, 1 fewer than jordan
kobe, drunk in his house, alone, looking at smush parker's contact in his phone, thinking, hesitating......
hahhahhahahha lakers offer byron scott the job. i have to assume he'll take it, what the hell else is he doing? 4th team's the charm!!
oh god, so excited now. tween you're about a 36" chest?
nah just tweeted at him. he actually answers a lot of dumb questions on twitter, not really sure why
btw i asked zach lowe why houston's not going after bledsoe and he just said they don't have cap room. i totally forgot about the ariza contract, but it looks like that's why they can't afford anyone else in the double digits.kahn's not there anymore, he got fired. i guess it's flip saunders making all the decisions now.
re: eric bledsoe, just to clarify his options, he can get an offer from any other team, which the suns can match, he can agree to a contract w/ the suns, or he can sign a 1 year 3.7M qualifying offer w/ the suns, after which he'd be unrestricted next year.alright, so a young stopper + old-ish borderline starter PF
i have tons and tons and tons and tons of confidence in thibs' ability to create an elite defense out of below-average parts. we just finished watching a playoff series where chicago was relying on dj augustin and kirk hinrich to create any semblance of offense. any!! now dj augustin and carlos boozer are gone. and chicago can't take on love because of his defensive limitations?i have all the faith in the world that if they acquire love for butler and gibson, their defense...
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