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All thanks to Greg for making this re-issue possible. And for throwing in a kick-ass hanger and a garment bag!
I finally have it and it is amazing, [[SPOILER]]
Back in 2009 there was a full size run of white Achilles on sale on the Barneys site marked down to $160. Bought two pairs and couldn't sell one of them for $175 w/ haggling. They've come a long way since.
thanks. i'd consider switching but that coat is wayy too hot for where i'm living now, and i do already have a (shittier) light grey coat, so prob not. still have to get it though.
sev, how's the warmth? it's supposed to be a lot thicker than the charcoal, right? waiting for my charcoal IV.
got emmmmm. charcoal in IV and grey in III. will most likely send one back, we'll see. thank you jesus, thank you lord.
sooooooo... i got a little excited and accidentally added 2 charcoals in IV to my order, which just got confirmed just spoke w/ greg and we're going to remove one of those. the site is slow, but at some point there should be another charcoal in IV popping back up.
I'd love a size 4 charcoal if anyone changes their mind. Unfortunately will be busy tomorrow afternoon. Size 3 is good too. PM me!
Hi everyone, Now that NMWA's prized Schneider Frozen Waves Merino coats are upon us, I would love the opportunity to buy one off of you. I've been looking for this coat for literally 3 years, and I was unfortunately unable to get in on the pre-order. Let me know if you're able to sell yours! I'm looking for a size IV in the charcoal nailhead. If unavailable, III might work as well. Thanks.
screwed is a bit much. it will be a tough matchup, sure. but spain for some reason doesn't play ibaka that much, and anthony davis is just as good as marc is in fiba ball i think. ridiculous at blocks, improved at overall defense, and really smooth on offense. marc doesn't really have the power game to take full advantage of davis' small frame anyway. pau will be able to score easily on faried, but faried can blow by pau 24/7 and is a much better rebounder now too.i think...
New Posts  All Forums: