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haha, fastest to the post-game spread, maybe?it is true that some get to pick and choose. pop has a huge advantage in that, cuz his team is so good otherwise and he has unlimited job security.but i thought most people were in agreement that coaches should rest players more often during the regular season. i totally would have supported brooks doing that last year, or spo doing it w/ lebron.
don't see how it's backfiring. duncan gets his rest, pop couldnt care less whether or not theyre forfeiting a road b2b.how the fuck does a team have 6 assists in an entire game LOL. and afterwards kyrie was like "nope nope that doesn't matter."warriors are awesome, but weirdly enough, so is houston. everyone (me included) thought they took a huge step backwards this offseason, but they've dominated (shitty) competition. dwight looks better than last year, ariza is lights...
that was a weird column overall. i guess who really knows, but that sounds ridiculously annoyingly passive aggressive. like that playoff game where kobe just didn't shoot in the 2nd half
yea which is why it's weird that he says he's not injured. injury is a perfect excuse for playing poorly, right? makes it a lot more believable that he's 100% healthy despite lots of ppl saying his back is bothering him.
still editing my pages-long response in word. but seriously what's the point of debating kobe w/ kobe stansdidn't watch the cle-por game but it sounds like cleveland is playing just like they did last year, except bron has also been straight up bad this year. apparently he's hitting lots of ppl saying he looks like he's injured, but windhorst is adamant he's not. i'd say that it's really not worth worrying about (2011 heat started 9-8, of course), but it's entirely...
more potential trouble in okc: Looks clear that there is some frustration and friction between Jackson and his teammates right now. They're almost freezing him out.— Darnell Mayberry (@DarnellMayberry) November 4, 2014
this applies to steph curry a lot actually. iirc he's really low on corner 3s, as well as super low on assisted 3s (for the same reason).
i'm touched you think that's a negative ramification.
good point, there are no ramifications if you keep writing shit posts.
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