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no chance warriors lose to the pels unless curry gets hurt. Over under on # games for that series should be 5.oh shit i'll give that a try, thanks. i didn't realize amin el hassan had a podcast. i don't follow him on twitter cuz he just tweets so damn much...same w/ zach harper and a couple ppl. but i like his stuff.
two great articles today:about rondo and his volatile and brilliant pasthttp://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/12587848/old-questions-surface-new-dallas-mavericks-point-guard-rajon-rondojonathan abrams about draymond (this is where rfx got his dray quotes)http://grantland.com/features/nba-golden-state-warriors-draymond-green-michigan-state-spartans/i know everyone loooves abrams' articles but tbh he doesn't do that much for me as a writer. as an investigative guy he's...
good point @LawrenceMD, i forgot about the opt-out. altho i don't remember ever seeing a max contract opt-out clause for a player that wasn't an outright superstar? nobody this offseason is at that level, although kawhi might be after the playoffs. teams might be much less willing to give the 2nd-tier that option.
i wonder how many of these guys who are up for new contracts this offseason simply take the highest-paying one-year deal out there and roll it over until next year. auto-max guys like jimmy butler or kawhi are most likely gonna get maxed even after next season, as long as they don't suffer a career-altering injury, and it quickly becomes worth it to wait. players coming off their rookie contracts are generally (not sure about 2nd-rounders) allowed to either sign an...
it's not the general fan base, just some very vocal ones. jump on twitter and it's impossible to miss. ppl like warriors world, or ethan strauss to some extent, either constantly acting baffled that harden is even being mentioned, or constantly outright bashing the rockets. it goes both ways; rockets bloggers are criticizing the warriors too. what's interesting is that the warriors are moving to that crazy new arena in SF proper in a year or two right? i assume that...
nah i dont care about bandwagoners or anything like that. it just irks me when warrior fans are aggressive about putting down other teams and/or players. that's not the team's fault, and it doesn't affect how fun they are to watch. it just makes it a little hard to directly root for them.
ethan strauss had em as champs i think part of the reason i feel some slight antipathy towards the warriors and their fanbase is because of sf itself...it aint like theyre some underdogs who have a tiny window or anything, but they tend to act that way. it's tough cuz the warriors have been flat-out terrible for decades but their baseball team is great, their football team was really good for a bit, and obv their actual city is phenomenal so how downtrodden can they...
im more fed up w/ their bloggers and fans who are disgusted at the idea of anyone having the temerity to even think harden has a place in the mvp conversation. i could easily see them becoming a pretty hated team next year. plus draymond is funny sometimes but can be really aggravating, and his personality dwarfs any of his teammates.
poor suns
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