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lol klay just picked up his 5th w/ 9 min left in the 3rd on a hack of a driving harden. harden made sure to point him out as the culprit. warriors fans heated about calls when their players are hacking howard and harden left and right. not the refs faults youre foul-prone tonight. they've actually missed some calls a couple calls on gsw too. hahaha as i type this the refs gave harden a drawn charge on D when it shoulda been a block.
warriors in 5 for me. only chance the cavs have is to at least win 2 of the 1st 3 imo. it seems like the dubs are great at solving teams that initially do well against them. also i was listening to the nate duncan podcast (great for xs and os, way more on the analytical side) and they were complimenting david blatt a ton. they said he's made a ton of good adjustments (benching miller/marion, playing james jones, playing delly more and thompson a lot) and very few...
is dan gilbert like 5'2"? wth
i don't think it's relevant at all, it's a totally trash stat. like why is it better if he loses in the eastern conference finals? bron obv isn't better than jordan but why is it better than jordan lost b4 the finals? it's clearly not.bron obviously benefits from being in a horrible conference. he has reached the finals more than his team should have. but the byproduct of that is that he gets waxed there a lot. i don't think finals record is something that should ever be...
that's part of the reason as a lebron fan, i wanted him to lose b4 the finals, so that ppl wouldn't bring up the idiotic "record in the finals" stat. then again if he lost to the bulls or the hawks he'd never hear the end of it, so he can't really win.regardless, i don't think most people think the cavs can even get to a game 6 against the warriors
prob more cramping than anything, you know how lebron gets.
i dont think his korver play was dirty at all but he should have at least some fault for the horford play. kept falling towards horford and tweaked his knee. either way horford's retaliation shoulda been a flagrant 1.lol lebron that game was hilarious. SHELVIN MACK HEROBALL
rockets have the weirdest and most unpredictable good team in recent memory. they are just so strange.
i just disagree on the definition of "very significant."most of the way harden draws fouls is by leaving his arms out when he gathers during drives. he has an uncanny ability to do that w/o getting stripped all the time. he's also ridiculously strong to be able to take the punishment and not lose the ball all the time.yes, sometimes he does create contact, just like durant's rip move or lebron during his drives. you're probably just remembering that time he hooked lebron...
don't be ridiculous, look at your post.i watched the whole game 7 and i can remember 1, maybe 2 instances where he got a foul that wasn't a legitimate foul. i only really specifically remember a jump shot.there were a couple instances where he definitely got fouled and didn't get a call. the broadcast team replayed it and it was obvious jordan got all of his arm and no ball when stripping him.harden exaggerates contact and seeks out fouls for sure. so do a ton of players....
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