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Yuuuup, moved here about a year and a half ago. Came here from farther north so the concept of these closings and such is still quite amusing
bron was incredible this game. hitting all manner of 3s and step backs. warriors prob got more than their share of bad calls, but cleveland straight carved em up inside. phoenix-okc is a pretty great game. westbrook-bledsoe is insane. russ just blew by bled for an athletic layup and bledsoe recovered like crazy and blocked the fuck out of him. markieff morris takes way too many covered long 2s.
went to atl-dallas today. super weird game. 60% of dallas's starting lineup (chandler, chandler, rondo) were gone, and atlanta's horrific weather (it was gently raining and somewhat cold, so there was a state of emergency) meant that the crowd was very sparse. atlanta got off to a really sloppy lackadaisical start but soon their depth just overwhelmed the mavs. dirk was basically invisible, and i read after the game that this was the mavs' 5th game in 7 nights so he was...
Well those are long-term side effects, right? Like arthritis would be pretty much unavoidable, but that might not happen until after your career is over. Or it could take years. I just meant nobody would be able to tell him what's the right move for his basketball career w/o that kind of knowledge.I thought Roy had degenerative knee issues before that? Or was that from lack of meniscus? I mean, Bledsoe last year removed part of his meniscus and the short term results have...
don't think anybody w/o an MD really knows if cutting the meniscus out will improve his chances at full health in the future
yea i didnt think they were a title-caliber team but i think that's a small(er) issue given the huge doubts concerning their former superstar now
sorry bruh. must be a horrendous feeling.
rose tore his R meniscus, gonna have surgery. originally tore his L acl, then his R meniscus. timeline TBD. bulls are done. east is gonna be hawks or cavs, nobody else has a real chance. edit: really, this is honestly terrible news. horrible to almost know for certain that the youngest MVP ever will never get back to his old form. i wasn't a huge rose fan, but he was often super exciting to watch and did incredible things on the court. realistically now, a good case for...
i don't really give the mavs any chance of winning 3 series in a row. spurs and clippers you can't out but i seriously doubt either of them can pull it off. eastern conference is a different deal
i don't think the mavs have a chance of making the finals. i doubt the clippers, rockets (w/o healthy howard), and spurs can either tbh. clippers are too stagnant and have no depth, same w/ houston, and honestly none of the spurs have played up to their level from last year so far, maybe save duncan. they deserve the benefit of the doubt, but if they didn't win the title last year, nobody would be giving them a chance this year given how they've looked. that leaves golden...
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