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building through the draft is super tough and has a high failure rate, but so does every other method. basically you have to do everything you can just to get a window where you can compete for a championship for 2 years, and you have no guarantees past that point. trading works nicely when things come together but lol, literally no team historically has had an advantage in trading/free agency like the lakers. most players don't mind going to the lakers in a trade, but...
yall don't learni havent really thought about that but "most" can't be right...maybe around LA lol.http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2335639-ranking-midseason-contenders-for-the-2015-nba-defensive-player-of-the-year-awardbleacher report isn't very good but they dont even mention him in the top 7. i don't know if i'd go that far but LAC is middle of the pack defensively and ppl are shooting 49.3% against him at the rim as opposed to 41 for bogut, 40 for serge, and 37 for...
ugh why do yall bother
That Steph turnover....... Gotta give the Bulls tons of credit, they fought and fought and fought and were in position to take advantage of crucial mistakes. On a normal night at home the Warriors hit a lot of those wide-open 3s tho. That Iggy non-shooting foul at the end was hilarious. I thought it was an injustice but then I realized iggy wasn't gonna hit both of them anyway.
nah this is where he uses the players to his own advantage by bringing women in: "look at their beautiful black bodies..."
you guys better get your laughs in now b4 idfnl gets headhunted for a GM job and puts together the next multiple title-winning dynasty w/ 12 players making five million dollars each
hard to get any production when you only sign vets who were last adequate at basketball 5 years ago tho...no need to "take a chance" on those old players when there's no chance they're gonna be decent. maybe instead you go for an undrafted free agent who can actually occasionally be useful and improve, like langston galloway or tarik black or whomever. you're never gonna find the next patrick beverley when you use his roster spot for hedo turkoglu.
do the clippers have the worst bench of all the contenders (top 9 west + top 5 east teams)? they're prob in competition for worst w/ cleveland, the injured blazers, maybe the rockets and mavs. okc's not far off. the injured blazers' bench is probably worst, followed by the clippers. clip bench is essentially jamal crawford showing up every other game and a pile of 2010.clippers have been outstanding recently but i think the only one who shares that opinion is doc rivers....
yea i'm really good in steals and 3s imo, need some help w/ pts, rebs, assists. i think in general whiteside is gonna probably be more valuable, but my team doesn't really have any really weak players, so letting go of (probably covington) is gonna be hard.
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