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fuck boston fans right in the ass, honestly complaining about the refs in eeeeeevery single game. like yo obvs your team gets some bad calls against them but curry had a SUPER PHANTOM 4th foul and draymond's 5th foul was absurd. that plus tommy heinsohn and ridiculous pats fan whinging, goddamn.
i mean i'd choose the kings given they have a franchise player. but i'm just pointing out that having a franchise player doesn't preclude your team from sucking ass for 7 straight seasons almost as much as philly has for just 2. would you rather be in these teams' spots than philly: knicks (not if they didn't have kp, but as it is, PORZINGISSSS) brooklyn (don't think so, philly's future is significantly better) milwaukee (yes, but outside of giannis their team is a big...
this is a fine fine postyea they haven't been great at drafting, but they haven't been bad either, probably around average.honestly philly plays abysmally on offense but they try super hard, and their ineptitude is overblown because hinkie is such a figure of contention. they haven't even had the worst record in the league either of hinkie's 2 years in charge. if all their players weren't injured this year they would have won 1 or 2 games and there wouldn't be such...
god im so pro hinkie. dude got a raw deal, imagine if they'd gotten ben simmons this coming draft? they'd have some legit building blocks. what he's doing is just smart. you can't point to a single trade they've made and say it was a bad move for them. reggie miller said he'd take steph down in his prime. yeh right, guy doesnt deserve to be in the hof.
every other team in the league's been held
when did jahlil okafor turn into fucking ryu lol kobe plagiarized michael's retirement letter
can luke walton even get coach of the year? there's a weird rule where an interim coach apparently doesn't have a coaching record...instead all those wins actually go to the injured (or w/e) coach's record. I.e. all these wins go onto kerr's resume. yes it's bizarre. http://www.sportingnews.com/nba-news/4662300-luke-walton-coaching-record-wins-steve-kerr-warriors-coaching-record-stephen-curry btw kobe just confirmed on the player's tribune site that he will retire after...
feel like theres a 30% chance they beat 72-10
porzingis makes me want to be a knicks fan which is an incredible feat. seriously like half the nba bloggers i follow on twitter are knicks fans (prob cuz they're not annoying because they've been beaten down and downtrodden for decades) and it's great fun watching them flip out giddily almost every night.
how does anyone beat the warriors? HOW DOES ANYONE BEAT THE WARRIORS?!?!??! they were down 23 and they're gonna win comfortably against a great team. steph is shimmying and iggy is doing goofy iggy dances all over the road court. seriously how the f would the clips or the clips fans EVER feel comfortable w/ a lead against this team This is the best 5 man unit I’ve ever seen.— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) November 20, 2015 Curry + Klay + Iggy + Barnes + Green has a...
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