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Am I the only one who wants Regis dentist vs. sensationalist conspiracy theorist high-end waiter guy debate?
I don't see anything wrong w/ not splitting the bill in some situations. My gf is allergic to alcohol so is it fair for her to always pay $5-10 more at every group dinner because it would make it easier for everyone, even if it's not that much $ each meal? Btw young people nowadays use venmo to great effect...as I found out when I suggested c4est's strategy and everyone looked at me like I was calculating shit with a friggin sliderule.
You're absolutely right. WUSSIFICATION OF AMERICA. I assume the GOP has contacted you about becoming an idol in the upcoming election? Would be PERFECT replacement for Joe 6-Pack. Hardworking white first generation immigrants like you is what the new America should strive to be.
Waiters really just need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps! Sidenote:Waiting Tables at Top-Tier Restaurants Is New Career Path for Foodies
Yeah I dunno, I was brought up tipping 15-20% pre-tax. Maybe norms have changed overall. I'm around 20% now generally, but only usually throw in a dollar for take-out. Maybe that'll change. 20% for takeout would add up quick for poor students tho. Regardless, ITT: posters who have been worked in restaurants, and posters who have not worked in restaurants, and Fok who leaves an older item from his vast belt collection each time he grabs some takeout.
Damn, I wanted to buy the wick from gravitypope the day after the sale ended. I emailed em to see if they could give me the sale price and they replied that they couldn't because the brand wanted it back at the regular price.
i don't understand, why are you at a hospital so often?? are you sick?
Okay guys. It's
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