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^ is that for real? tristan thompson can't guard for being a 4, let alone a 5. that'd be a terrible idea. tristan thompson might be the most boring player in the nba. he's canadian to boot. there's one sole interesting fact about tristan thompson (he switched shooting hands midway through his nba career) and it didn't even matter at all.
can kobe never leave the league? he's by far the craziest and most interesting personality and gives 0000000 fucks http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/28/fashion/arianna-huffington-kobe-bryant-meditate.html http://instagram.com/p/tlbpRdqE5J/?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=photo
it was pretty funny when everyone was ripping rich paul (lbj's best friend and bledsoe's agent) for totally fucking up bledsoe's contract negotiation, to the pt where lbj had to friggin endorse bledsoe on ig. but i guess he got him the best deal, so who knows. i'm not really sure i buy your theory that ft shooting is a gimped form of shooting and that big man shooting would be overall improved if they focused more on jump shots. jump shots are inherently more complex so...
.817 2 years ago! wtf. god i miss yao. yao would friggin shoot technical free throws for his team. even when he misses them it's perfect. stupid rafer alston. i might have posted this before, but i don't care. edit: hey, kobe has some hair!
yea i think there's very very few historical cases of nba players who are poor ft shooters becoming above average shooters. like i think there is basically two (chris webber and karl malone). free throw shooting should be the purest distillation of shooting, right? so how come so few players dramatically improve ft shooting while things like 3 pt shooting can improve relatively more? i don't really know. i don't think you can attribute it all to poor coaching. also you...
yea, the under-handed granny shot. don't remember any specific calls to do that, but i feel like it always comes up when teams are hacking-a-_____. i guess i feel like some players are so far gone that no amount of shot practice or reformatting is gonna appreciably improve their ft% and they might as well do something else, even if it's embarrassing at first.
i didn't actually watch/listen to most of the video so btw mentioning granny shots, what do you think of the idea that analysts occasionally bring up of these horrible FTers (drummond, jordan) shooting a la rick barry used to?
yea but it sounds like you're in general saying that being a good shooter is an impediment to being a good shooting coach, doesn't it? unless you know stuff about price specifically, which in case n/m cuz i don't know anything about his coaching other than the mkg tidbit. like obviously just because you're a great player doesn't mean you'll be a great coach/analyst/gm, in any sport, but i don't think it's a negative. even as a specialized shooting coach, knowledge of the...
i get your point about mark price but i dont think you can hold being a great shooter against him like it seems like you are. also, from everything i heard he worked really hard w/ mkg to totally revamp his shot last offseason and then mkg just reverted slowly, then quickly back to the old broke-ass one once the games started. I don't really think that's accurate (that everybody is available at a price). like dirk was an FA this offseason but he wasn't available at any...
Seriously doubt anyone would be able to hire away Engelland, even for tons of $$.Lol the Bobcats shooting coach is Mark Price. Poor MKG. Pretty sure his shot is just screwed for life.
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