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best part about mirotic is that he's only 23...not really young, but younger than a lot of these europeans that have dominated euro leagues for years.
oh yeah? stupid beat reporters. i kinda wish it wasnt out of context
looks like i was wrong about lillard and klay previously...they've both improved leaps and bounds over what they had been, klay especially. gsw's obviously won that trade/non-trade for love so far. we'll see if that holds.lin taking shots at bryant?
this rondo story is amazing, so many awesome anecdotes: http://www.si.com/vault/2013/02/25/106289695/rondoedit for major lolz:that piece is freaking incredible, thanks so much for sharing it. woj is so woj, do you remember his articles about lebron even pre-decision?? they were basically slanderous attacks haha. btw today woj broke the imminent nature of the trade but marc stein actually beat him to the terms of the trade.
Honestly I'm mostly annoyed about your relegation talk lol. But at least I'm not suggesting Charlotte should give up on the point guard they just extended weeks ago for a player who shoots even worse, who definitely would leave after 6 months. Plus what would boston want with lance, what does anyone want with lance??This is what a few people I trust are saying so far (haralabob, Nate duncan, Ethan Strauss [meh]). Obv rondo is better than Nelson but he dominates the ball;...
Sounds like rondo to Dallas is almost a done deal. I'm actually really excited to see how rondo does there. There's a huge gap btwn the avg perception of rondo (all-star level, best passer in the league, good defender) and what the stat heads say about him (horrendous shooter, literally downgrades an offense). I think the average respectable analyst also says he hasn't been a positive defender in a couple of years. I don't watch him enough to say.Elite analysis
what in the living world would charlotte do w/ rajon rondo. dude can't shoot, they have massive shooting problems, and no chance he would resign there.
grit n grind
hmm that's interesting. it might be that their backcourt takes so many that it opens it up for everyone else, i dunno! im not sure how that would affect variance in a 7-game series. good point.
warriors could always get knocked out cuz they have a high-variance offense. any O that relies on that many 3s is potentially susceptible to have an off series. but their D is great and consistent (w/ bogut) and passing a ton more this season certainly would help offensive consistency as well
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