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grit n grind
hmm that's interesting. it might be that their backcourt takes so many that it opens it up for everyone else, i dunno! im not sure how that would affect variance in a 7-game series. good point.
warriors could always get knocked out cuz they have a high-variance offense. any O that relies on that many 3s is potentially susceptible to have an off series. but their D is great and consistent (w/ bogut) and passing a ton more this season certainly would help offensive consistency as well
jabari parker tore his acl, ugh. grizzlies defense was ridiculous tonight, hounded the fuck outta curry. draymond green missed every open shot. great game.
imo if bogut's healthy you can't say the warriors are worse than any team. their D is just so good, and their offense is so much improved. i can see a case for the grizz, spurs, and thunder being up there in the playoffs. clippers don't have the D or the depth, same w/ the rockets, and the blazers are a good team but don't have the elite talent. yea that's true (bout crashing and burning) but it would be a big fall from their current pace. the thing about career years for...
@fistinyoface every time you post i listen to this song for this lyric:
shocked is a bit much, no? i think it's better than even odds they get 60. sure they've gotten a bit lucky, but that just means they're gonna fall off their 75 win (!!!) pace, not that they're gonna crash and burn. they just need to go 40-20 the rest of the year. bogut's already been out for a few and they've managed to win, lee will come back to bolster their bench. steph hasn't had an ankle issue that lasted more than 5 games for what, like 3 years?
Updated projected West standings: 1. GSW: 75-7 2. Memphis: 68-14 3. Houston: 64-18 4. Portland: 62-20 5. Clippers: 58-24 6. Spurs: 56-26 7. Mavs: 56-26 If you extrapolate OKC's 6-1 record since KD came back (yes this is stupid), they will go 61-21. Last year the Pacers won the East w/ a 56-26 record.
omg ppl stop responding
nick young gonna start taking all of kobe's missed crunchtime shots now? lakers honestly have no reason not to tank to a top-5 pick. any lower and they lose it to phoenix. they're tied for the 7th-worst record now. they have plenty of time to make it up, but none of the teams worse than them are gonna make that easy.
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