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yesssssss indessertyum complains about the quality of the 1st round and we immediately get one decent game, a 2OT game where rose scores 34 and looks like a former mvp, and an OT game w/ a historic comeback and a shot for steph curry's hof highlight reel.
yo. yo. YOOOOOOO wtf did we just watch. can we please go back to the 2nd half (which feels like 2 months ago) where ryan anderson was draining fucking olajuwon-level shots. pelicans gonna get swept soooooo hard now
Does anyone watch college and know anything about billy Donovan? I have my reservations about a middle aged college coach who hasn't done anything for 5 years and doesn't have a rep as a tactical genius. In other news: The Hawks have been sold for somewhere btwn 730 and 850 million. For comparison, he notoriously undervaluing Forbes said they were worth 825 back in January. Hmm. Dion waiters has been in the league for 3 years. His head coach has been fired at the end...
josh smith for kia mvp rondo in 2015 = evan turner in 2014
mozgov for kia mvp
shaq is the worrrrrrst. next time he submits to being the butt of the joke will be the same time he pays dwight a compliment. davis played 45 min, no wonder he ran out of gas at the end.
hahaha i can imagine them running out of players, then sean elliot ripping off his mic and diving in front of the opposing player and taking a shooting foul for the team.
yeah i didn't watch a ton of the game but whenever i saw pau get the ball in the post he got doubled immediately, and he's obv a great passer. i saw some comments about how rose's jumper form tonight looked the best it's been all season, which is awesome. lolol there was that minute where dallas hacked josh smith, i think, and then immediately houston hacked rondo. they weren't in the bonus so i guess it was just for effect? but they got a standing O from the home crowd,...
^ Worst offense since the break. Great to see rose playing, and playing well for once out there. Dirk is so done on defense, harden put him a pick and roll basically every trip down. Dwight was fucking dominant. The rest of houstons team is so odd. Game was all over the place, super helper skelter, and the refs were pretty terrible for both sides.
New Posts  All Forums: