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does anyone here gamble on the nba? i think i would be poor at it, but it's kind of intriguing. there's a movement to legalize sports betting across the US. adam silver has voiced his agreement, and john mccain is for it now. http://espn.go.com/chalk/story/_/id/12255167/sen-john-mccain-says-congress-needs-hold-hearings-discuss-legalizing-sports-bettingrelated to this is daily fantasy sports, like fanduel or draftkings. i've played fanduel before and not been very good at...
well sure, if the agent allows that, then do it. but i doubt that will happen in most cases because the agent knows how much the cap is gonna jump.the deal w/ the percentages is that each player's yearly salary can only increase 7.5% from the previous year's (w/ bird rights). so even if the cap jumps up 25% friggin percent, if the contract was already in play the year b4 the cap went into effect, then the 2nd year's salary goes by the previous year's, not the % of the cap....
you mc guys are always one step ahead in the wordplay department i should have knooownthanks bud you've long succeeded in your face-saving quest to prove i'm not funny, now could you please logically explain how you're going to convince kevin love to take a new deal at "well below max?" lol
i look at it from the point of view that most of what he says is a joke.....is that your joke? or just my joke
bruh it's not a joke if i just point out what you've said in the past
alternate theory: idfnl's real-life coworkers banded together and convinced him to take a pay cut for the greater good of the company. in other news: cousins got kobe's spot. lillard snubbed. i listened to the notorious jvg on zach lowe's podcast and they brought up a good point. if there were ever a year to sign someone to a max deal, this is the offseason. the cap is going up 20 million the offseason after that, so any max deal that gets signed this upcoming year only...
that was the best part of all this dumb gm stuff, "get the other guys on the team to pressure kawhi into taking less" bahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahaha
lol snark only works if you have something smart to say behind it. the point is obvious. baynes isn't "the solution."maybe boozer is the solution in los angeles!!!
aron baynes is 28 lolwhat do you mean by this?
i don't understand jordan hill's short dreads and headband he fucking looks like black richie tenenbaum
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