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yeah hence why i think it's gonna be jabari. you might be right about the bigger effect (we'll see how his O is), but how big of an effect can you really have when your team is gonna win 14 games (jabari and noel both)....is there any standout rookie who's gonna be on a respectable team?
jabari's gonna score all day and play no defense, which should be pretty good for ROY. plus everybody in the media will love him. maybe he'll avg like 17 and 7? i doubt noel will score enough for it. and yeah, they count ppl who were injured their original rookie year, that's why blake won his after sitting out his 1st year.
lol doug collins. "the white byron scott."
i did not foresee vince carter slipping seamlessly into the role of the satisfied wily vet who knows his role, does the dirty work, and helps team chemistry.
what are rookies for if not carrying bags for vets????? not like byron scott is playing him (he prefers himself some boozer) so you know randle has time to be the bellhop
the lakers are going to be AMAZING this year. in their last two games they've taken 3 3s and 5 3s! they've missed all of them! laker blogs are already saying that the byron scott era is just like the mike brown era but even worse. this is boozer today down 21 pts to the jazz i'm incredibly excited to see what kobe does this year
thanks for the help! will do.
yeah, that'd be embarrassing, but that's not the issue. not sure if they're looking for the whole circumference, so i tried doubling the measurements, but it spit out a 48S US. regardless, just trying to get an idea of if suit supply generally fits TTS; anybody know if that's the case?
so excited for dion to be a more outspoken chalmers hahaahhah
thanks! this looks like just the thing i was looking for. heard of suit supply b4, never tried it out.anybody have advice re: sizing? i plugged in my measurements and it suggested size 34??
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