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i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure portland is guaranteed to get the 4-spot, but they don't actually get home court against #5. and to answer your question, i think the clips can only pass the blazers by leapfrogging them to #3. so houston would have to drop down
This is a good point. My whole thing was hat I didn't realize just how little a dent a mini max contract given this summer will make for a teams cap sheet in the future until I actually sat down and looked at the #s.Like, 3 mths ago I knew draymond was super valuable, but a $15m/yr contract seemed like a stretch to me. But when you look at it, it's really not a big deal at all; it can't hamstring your cap in the slightest.
That's true I don't think it's necessarily an advantage as much as it is a strategy I think most teams should follow. Not a secret to teams by any means. But imo it's a mistake for most teams to hold onto the cap room for the fools gold promise of signing 2 superstars in the next summer. Try to sign who you want, and don't worry about going 20% over. Idfnl, I'd love to hear what's fuzzy about my math. Unless this is one of your posts where you say someone is wrong and...
i would love to hear any legit counter-arguments to just not worrying about overpaying your targets by $3-5M/yr or so, if there are any. in other news, kd is getting surgery on that foot AGAIN. it's bone graft surgery, apparently. as trey kerby pointed out, now the thunder have claimed that two players (russ and kd) were healing/healed perfectly before they had season-ending surgery. it's gotten to the point where i'm really scared about the rest of durant's career. it...
@Neo_Version 7 lolol can you imagine how pissed love would be. he joins the lakers as the lone star, then two superstars come in who pass less than the current cavs do πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­it's tied to % of the cap in the 1st year, but then there are set incremental yearly increases. so yep. SIGN ALL THE PLAYERSwhere's this portland talk? feel like i would have read something about it, considering how much shit was raised over him saying he and bron weren't best friends
i've been thinking about the salary cap increase. estimates say the cap's gonna rise from 67 next year to ~90 the year after that. then 2017-18 is gonna be ~105, before it settles at around $100M. w/ those #s, it makes total sense to just overpay for any player who you really want this offseason. let's say you love draymond green but don't think he's worth the max, only $13M/yr. who cares! give him the max! that's 25% of the cap, and he'll start 2015 making $16.75M. One...
don't think kobe would be good at the analytic side starting off, but he's super smart and he's very insightful and honest about a lot of things. i don't think he'd be sociopathic like mj. he comes off as very interesting in basically every interview he does nowadays.
PERKINS edit: also, kg if he wants to do that sort of thing
i think golden state definitely makes him better on offense cuz he can't really consistently shoot anything that's not wide open. but he's very creative w/ the ball and has great iq, and he's been working on taking the ball up the court by himself recently. i don't think he'll ever be a foundational offensive player, or even 2nd-best on a great team, but he'll always be super useful. kind of like iguodala, just a bit worse. he's great at defense though, probably the most...
i hope mirotic finishes out the year strong, i'd like it to go to him. he's outplaying some pretty renowned big guys on his squad. noel is doing crazy stuff but you can never tell how much of it is just teams not caring when they play philly.golden state d held washington to 8 points in the 3rd.stupid bogut had to ruin thisdon't think i trust a spurs fan to make that judgment
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