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i have a favorite team now, it is team westbrook, and i am a diehard fan and have been since i was born
someone's gotta talk about the lakers considering they're gonna be bottom 2 in the westuh, no. also he kept yelling "try me"
lol at the kobe dwight "fight," esp kobe calling dwight soft. neither of those dudes has ever gotten in a fight in their entire lives. it's like how kg would never actually fight anyone
barkley is still gold. kenny is still dumb and shaq is still the worst. LOL during pre-game kenny was somehow saying that pat riley built the heat a stronger team than they had while lebron was there, and barkley just stared at him dumbfounded. then he goes, "yeah, but they TOOK THE ENGINE OUT THE CAR."
i kind of just ignore SAS until the playoffs...they're gonna win their 60 games, pop is gonna play his mind games, they're gonna sit some people for funny reasons, and they're gonna get great contributions from unknown bench players. that organization is so crazy. yeah dallas that high is a bit surprising. but they did get parsons, who was the 5th seeded rockets' 3rd-best player last year, that's a pretty huge addition. definitely the biggest add of any playoff team...
don't really see the clippers winning, but maybe hawes made the difference. spurs gotta be the favorite still imo. they just manage the season so freaking well. okc probably next, but who knows?? lots of people are speculating that durant might take his time recovering, and might even skip the 1st half of the year. good dark horse is gsw, depending on kerr's offense and if he can maintain their stellar defense from last year. in the east i kind of seriously doubt that...
re: kawhi:it'd be like if there were a limited audience for your Lanvin suit and 50% of that population wanted to pay just as much as you did. I don't think that's overpaying, I just think that's you not adjusting its value in your mind well enough. air jordans doesn't work because there is no retail price on basketball players.stop goddamn straw manning me with stupid arguments. 1) i didn't say that rashard lewis's and gilbert's contracts weren't overpayments. 2) the...
i think he should get it all. he's a great player, esp for them, and that team is shit without him going forward. you still got pop and buford, but in 3 years, the only above avg player on that team, projected, is kawhi. plus i think he deserves it anyway.lol. i don't mind you talking trash, it's just hilarious that i said one thing and you got mad defensive. btw i say dumb shit all the time, that doesn't mean i think i'm a dumb person. it's just an opinion i disagree...
[[SPOILER]] way too long/didnt read:i am not too far from you in terms of evaluating kawhi. i am just baffled by your definition of overpaying players.
lol you accuse me of name-calling (i didn't say you were dumb, said your point was dumb) when you're the one who started calling everyone pussies, panty-wearers, and sayin they can't read english. u serious? i thought you wanted everyone to man up.
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