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nah i don't buy it. these people are rich so they can get anything they want, why would they commit any crimes? doesn't pass the smell test. just like bill cosby, where's the proof??? gold diggers know no bounds i'd love for you to go back in history and show me a list of powerful people committing crimes, you can't. #freedarrensharper
💚💚💚💚 i announce my return w/ some zach lavine dunks
sup everyone, did i miss anything here besides the playoffs finals free agency and draft?
hoooooooly fuck that game was totally insane and baffling and made no sense this thread is so dour rn lebron had 39 16 and 11. he is out-westbrooking westbrook w/ potentially a worse team, in the finals, on the road, against a historically great team. nobody has ever put up those numbers in the regular season
i think you gotta check your vowel recognition softwarewhat would your ideal plan be for the cavs on offense? i'm curious to hear it. cuz the cavs were 4" away from stealing game 1 and by my rudimentary count they had btwn 111-117 ppp in regulation which is incredible against the warriors on the road.
hey guess what if you post 3x complaining vehemently about a single thing don't get pissy when someone calls you out on it.lol "hero ball." critics 4 years ago complained that lebron couldn't operate in the post; now he goes into the post for the majority of the game and you complain that he's playing hero ball. i'm sorry was olajuwon playing "hero ball" in the post? hero ball is when you iso at the expense of other good creators on your team and jack up a poor shot at...
uh yeah i'm arguing that it doesn't always end in a jumper cuz you said that like 3 times. i can't read your mind.it gets stagnant sometimes, and it does always rely on bron doing stuff, unless kyrie takes over. that shit also happens to every other team in the league man. prob happens to cleveland more but not enough to necessitate so much whining about it. it's not like golden state played well on offense yesterday either.i like watching lebron bully people in the post....
also i've neglected to mention a point i heard a couple places (most recently from netw3rk today): cleveland's iso/post-up offense helps lessen golden state's ability to emphasize their strengths on defense. golden state is long as elderly balls and switches as much as any team in the league. run a lot of pnrs and you play right into that. they don't get to use that strength if you focus on taking advantage of mismatches, even in the most boring fashion. isoing/posting up...
not sure where to get the breakdown but you can see all the shots here. http://on.nba.com/1EZplLe, count for yourself. i don't specifically remember any shots he put up off cuts or in transition, so the vast majority should be post ups, w/ some isos. he took a ton of jumpers, but one tends to do that when shooting 38 times. he was in the paint a lot.
"almost always settles for a jumper"itt: people bitching about having to watch the best player in the league put up 44 in a finals game. this wasn't a superlative performance of his or anything but to come away from last night's awesome game w/ a hot take like "that game was terrible to watch clipper-spurs was the only good series why doesn't everyone play like golden state why can't the warriors clone themselves 29 times and have their own league" means you're spoiled and...
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