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porzingis makes me want to be a knicks fan which is an incredible feat. seriously like half the nba bloggers i follow on twitter are knicks fans (prob cuz they're not annoying because they've been beaten down and downtrodden for decades) and it's great fun watching them flip out giddily almost every night.
how does anyone beat the warriors? HOW DOES ANYONE BEAT THE WARRIORS?!?!??! they were down 23 and they're gonna win comfortably against a great team. steph is shimmying and iggy is doing goofy iggy dances all over the road court. seriously how the f would the clips or the clips fans EVER feel comfortable w/ a lead against this team This is the best 5 man unit I’ve ever seen.— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) November 20, 2015 Curry + Klay + Iggy + Barnes + Green has a...
yooooo you left out this random fan's response Fam u got murdered by DeMar DeRozan. Don't act like it didn't happen G. https://t.co/MlDAaQ43A2— kd (@_ampuller470) November 19, 2015 and then gobert said... And you got murdered by Goku, Majin buu. https://t.co/SsmMFcg4oV— Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert27) November 19, 2015 (this is majin buu) also of note: ayesha curry 👀
i don't think this is fair, but andre drummond is avging 20 and 20 this year thru 6 games. he has 3 20-20 games so far this year, while the rest of the league has 1. they just outscored the blazers 41-11 in the 4th q to run away w/ it, while reggie jackson put up 40. edit: reggie jackson scored 26 in the 4th (!!!!!) and drummond did this fucking amazing post move: seriously, holy shit that move + that freaking insane explosion
i disagree w/ that. i'm sure that has something to do w/ it but i believe it's inherently easier for smaller ppl to shoot. oh hey look a chart and article http://www.basketballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=1611
gotta say i'm not watching very closely. gonna stay away from the blazers this year. don't understand how their team of castoffs is the new nash ssol suns. not buying it. some sort of voodoo magic.
god i love memphis but it's so eye-cringing to watch them on offense. i literally have no faith that any of their players' shots are gonna fall when they're in the air. not a single one. also, barkley was atrocious doing color commentary w/ reggie in the booth tonight. i can't even describe it. he was absolutely horrendous. like dozens of times worse than jon barry or reggie miller. there was a stretch in the 2nd quarter where he and reggie were arguing something...
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