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Posts by depends on how far and complicated you want to go...I've paid 350CAD for a pair of quality fabric...
Giovanni Nicoletti on 37th Street S.W. !!!! And you forget about anybody else. I've done a lot of stuff with Giovanni starting from the pants and ending with the coat! Top class tailor!!!!
Interested...sent pm
Very...very nice indeed!!!! If this would only come in lighter colors...I would be all over it...would be a nice XMAS present for my better half... Cheers and good luck with your sale! Dmitry
interested. Sent pm.
yep! the battery problem has been fixed in Sirrocco edition. this was my major concern with regular 8800.
Used to own one...nice, but grab the Sirocco edition...much better design and all bugs were fixed as 8800 had some... good luck!
Lance, I spend half of my time in Russia...and deal a lot with few companies in Omsk. Please shoot me a PM or email (even better). Would love to help you. cheers, Dmitry
Boots are still available. The sale will be effective till end of Friday (Mountain Standard Time). Cheers, Dmitry
yep, leaving country soon....
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