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The whole notion that C&J sell unmarked seconds is quite awful as it is. It might also explain how otherwise untrustworthy eBay sellers like 'Ascot_Shoes' etc. manage to sell shoes not marked as seconds for a bit cheaper too.
Black shoes are essential to any wardrobe.
Further to what people have said, here are my deductions. I have seen what you have come up with on this site many times, and indeed, have also seen many of your past ideas. For me, the real reason why you will never be a designer is because your fashions and ideas are so heavily entrenched with mid-west "middle america" ideas and styles. Nothing is cutting edge; nothing is internationally applicable. You design clothes for those in your exact same situation and...
Rather, Loos argued that ornamentation only served to age an item or object faster, due to successive trends. From a critique of ornament or style, then the crocs appear as if they would date faster than the tassled loafers, for they have no adherence to traditional shoe design whatsoever.
What are your qualifications?
It would be easier to tell if you took better pictures of that writing on the inside side of the shoe
How are these brogues?
Paging Mr. Moo...
Very good attempt. How long did you leave the shoes covered in their creams?
“The evolution of culture is synonymous with the removal of ornament from utilitarian objects…” Adolf Loos, 1900. Loos argued that ornament was not only unnecessary and inappropriate, it was a crime because it wasted human resources in the form of human labour.
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