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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger its a mens jean with a narrow leg/slightly smaller top block, heavily distressed, made to roll up capri style. for whoever got swagger FTFY perfect summer look.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger BACK. THE. FUCK. UP. A celebrity wearing a popular designer??? NOT ON MY WATCH YOU SON OF A BITCH. LET'S ROUND UP THE SZ CREW. QUICK CALL UP ATELIER AND HAVE THEM GRAB THE DUDES LOOKING SAD IN THE CORNER, WE HAVE AN ASSASSINATION TO CARRY OUT!!!!!!! You seriously need to google Karlo Steel before you try and call out Atelier again. Dude will fuck you up.
The gayest suburban hit man ever.
^Wong Kar Wai = /thread. Also you should check out what Jude Law wears in real life. He is easily one of the best dressed male celebrities.
Quote: Originally Posted by Infrasonic [visible tits] You may want to remove this....
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Okay, I was going to [\\palmface] the Morrissey mention, but then I remembered "Paint a Vulgar Picture" (which I like) and "Late Night, Maudlin Street", and I realized it takes major talent to wield a wet blanket like he does. I mean, listen to "Late Night, Maudlin Street", and then try to enjoy the rest of your day. Not happening. I mean, that he can so totally ruin a good mood without actually dying in front of...
Quote: Originally Posted by darkie_one in amerikkka? my bet nice to see Ice Cube up on here. Always thought you'd look good in PRPs, dawg.
Barneys and Bergdorf are both much better. Jeffrey too.
This thread did not deliver on the heady promise of it's title.
You've got to hand it to Raf. It takes a special kind of talent to combine a once-respected high fashion line with the lyrics of one of our greatest contemporary songwriters and end up with some horrid pastiche that looks like it came from the 50% off rack at Downtown Locker Room.
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