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BUMP Major price reduction to $100 USD, free shipping CONUS $OLD
For sale are my Loake Kempton Boots size 7.5 (UK) in black. Part of the 1880 line, these great boots are Made in England and have a Danite rubber sole. I bought them a year ago and wore them around, used them on my motorcycle but they're just a little too small. They're in great condition, with some light scratching at the toe box (pictues show full extent) and some other faint scrapes along the body, but nothing really noticeable or discoloring. The heel has some wear...
I want calf
No, bespoke is out of my range.
My NOS Florsheim Imperial longwings died after many years of service. Water damage turned the soles into muck and then winter damage finished them off. I loved the feel and look of them: real Americana style, big' sturdy tanks of my feet, so I decided to get another pair. My shoe size is difficult to find so I'm having them MTM. I know most of what I want: black double soled bluchers with the same Florsheim medallion, but I don't know if I want them peddle grained like the...
If anyone has a pair of black vintage Florsheim Imperials in 11E PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Use Downy and/or regular hair conditioner. Really? How would I apply the hair conditioner?
I purchased a pair of vintage imperials for an internship a year ago but accidentally went a size too large (it was an uncomfortable summer). The last fits my foot well, however, and the quality and look are excellent. If anyone has an 11E of these pebble grained beauties I'd be interested in picking them up. I'm hoping to spend 30-40 shipped. PM me if you have something.
Quote: Originally Posted by twosnapsandgo Tie clip is quite low ^
I recently purchased a Saks lambswool sweater from my local thrift store - I washed and dried it, but it feels unusually dry and coarse to the touch. The wool hasn't matted (felted): is there any way to restore the sort of plushness new lambswool items have?
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