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New Ralph Lauren Polo 65% Lambswool 35% Alpaca hacking jacket. Labeled 38 Regular. Light brown/oatmeal herringbone tweed. Three-button. Four pockets. Three inside pockets. Center vent. False cuffs added to sleeves, easily removed. Fully lined. N.B. sleeve buttons not included; no buttonholes on sleeves. Not visible in photo but sleeves and cuffs still have white basting thread. Condition: As New, w/o tags. Measurements: Shoulder to shoulder 20" Pit to Pit ...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin This is a very simple test. I put this up today for opinions. I am also going to post a poll and let people vote on this suit. Poll: I have always liked this suit. However, it has inspired from the most ugly venom, to praise. I even sold it once, to have it return to maybe it is fate. So, what is your honest opinion? Is this a baller suit, or should...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I think those are Grenson. BTW, I don't trust a word that this sellers says. He is very shady. I have other examples. Yes it appears he is using illegal keywords in his titles. But he also seems to be going the extra mile here to size the shoe properly. Nice shoes, I'm glad they are too small.
"Not having black tie attire, I wore my darkest suit and a dark bow. Not in the photo are gray spats, gray kid gloves, Dunn homburg, silver-tipped malacca cane, and a black '40s db overcoat. We were the only people dressed up as far as we saw." But I can hardly believe you were the only guy with a monocle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Meet L'il iGent. 428 raving comments and counting.
I'm sorry, I meant "why".
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade As I recall, she is an American girl in this photo. Staged photo, shot by Ruth Orkin. The shots from the OP are from Berlusconi Fund Raisers; the biggest donor gets her.
When are you getting married?
"I used a tailor that seems to be quite heavily discussed here, and really I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out, " Paul Jheeta
Quote: Originally Posted by Avocat +1 Just one more thing, as an an addendum to my note, above (and picking up thus on your comment, so far as anyone questions how others spend their money, thinking they're entitled to a justification of what others do), I agree with you on this, and remind anyone who thinks otherwise (socialists mainly) that equal opportunity does not mean equality of results. When you write a sentence that has...
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