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What model of AE Seconds are they?
Why does AE name their shoes after dreary Chicago suburbs? Whatever cachet or resonance these associations have in Chicago, and I can't believe there is much even there, is non-existent in the rest of the country.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger So maybe not as bad as I felt...but rip away ye merry gentlemen. Consider a stethoscope.
No one needs shell. Buy nice Alden or BB calf; look as good, last as long.
You'll be okay. If it starts raining and your shoes leak, buy new shoes. If it snows and there is a pond at every corner, buy some boots. They sell stuff here.
I don't think it is a trench coat. It looks like a lined overcoat with a belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah I am wearing a bead bracelet today. Should I also wear a felt flower? Please discuss. Only if you're rolling your jean cuffs 3+ inches above your EG double monks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral Obviously there will be sales..............why is this even a question? He's practicing his grammar for the big trip. (Still needs work.)
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