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Shoes--hardly used Alden Black Cordo Tassels 11 D Brooks Bros. black cordo wing tips 10.5 E Beautiful vintage Alan McAfee brown calf captoe bals 9.5 D Ends Sunday night 2/20
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit Great look, but for God's sake, get a decent watch that doesn't say Tommy Hilfiger on the dial And don't wear it on the goddamn shirt cuff. It's an incredibly clever and original idea, but it's just not you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke Are you guys seriously jumping down my throat over this? This thread is typically good BINs, mislabeled items, and legitimately interesting shoes (exotic leathers, top tier brands, etc.). I stand by my original criticism in that I don't think the BB Shell Longwings fit the bill. This isn't a busy or overloaded thread and doesn't need to be limited to exotic leathers. Or moderated. Plenty of room for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy This thread has become a center of stupidity. Yes but I got a great sig. out of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen Aren't those the cheap non C&J peal desert boots that only retail for $200ish?'s a good deal! Spoo said so! How about these "Mint" Peals, "in absolute superb condition (stamp on inside of shoe has faded...but visible) and more importantly, the uppers are perfect and bear no scuffs, scratches,etc."
What you did wrong was hector the buyer for feedback. If you hadn't, he wouldn't have had the guts to complain about the suit which he knows he screwed up on buying. No one needs feedback unless they have fewer than 10.
Quote: Originally Posted by LilacCords Friday challenge Not looking too much like a Miami Beach Hairdresser...
Is he famous here, too?
Hi. What are the Style Mistakes to Avoid for 2011?
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