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Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynWeGoHard absolutely correct. nick - do you agree? Damn, man, you are the ultimate buttinsky! What are you doing in this thread anyway?
Shoes. 1. CROCKETT & JONES 11D BLACK GRAIN CALF WINGTIPS---Beautiful pair of wingtips, C&J for Barney's very lightly used, clean bright insole, Dainite soles, no creasing, very nice. 2. Brooks Bros. Patent Leather Lace-up formal shoes, probably worn once. 10.5 D. Don't be taken in by the Cruiserists---you need to wear the proper damn shoes. Pics and exterior measurement at: http://shop.ebay.com/baereco/m.html
If you're 46R and live in NY and are looking for some nice tweed Cordings and Polo Sport jackets, check out the Council Thrift Shop on E.84th close to 2nd Ave. $40.00 each after discount, nice jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Srynerson I love the color, but I'm not sure about linen for a DB. (Not that it matters to me in this particular case, because I'd need to have some ribs removed to wear it.) Blue linen is excellent for a lightweight summer db jacket. Just don't wear it when you drive.
Probably counterfeit.
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren So I'm in a wedding this May and had to purchase a suit from MW to match the rest of the groomsmen. The idea is a Mad Men style, hence the Don Draper DTO seen here. The actual tie will be different. Because it was MW, I had to purchase a 36R which was the smallest size they had. In reality I'm a 34R. My tailor has done, I think, a pretty fantastic job basically deconstructing the jacket and rebuilding it...
How much do you need, buddy?
Just admit that you bought the AEs used on Ebay for a great price and get on with your life.
Looks like another blog to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike540 Good God.
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