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Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Gérard Sené chelsea suede boot. Just bought these on ebay. Maybe a bit too elongated, but could not miss the deal. Offered 150 euros, a similar boot in calf (Vox model) is 730,00 € at UpperShoes. The seller has other odd shoes from Ortigni, Andrea Ventura, Sutor, Campanile. She accepts reasonable offers. (sorry double post) they'll look great when you're dancing in the go-go cage.
Quote: Originally Posted by unbelragazzo Also, I see the color of the shirt didn't really come through very's blue with pink stripes, not white as it seems in the pic.... Too bad, better with white stripes. Donate the shoes to the Goodwill, pronto. They are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen on this site---challengers welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches i see you like the bright colors. not my thing but if it suits you rock on. you could use some shirt cuff showing though. Considering the rest of the package, I'd bet it's a short sleeve shirt.
Edward Green for Paul Stuart 10.5 B us size; 2 pair, one slightly damaged:
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust I believe this comment needs an explanation - I confess being mystified by it. Lufty is correct. After my last, rather disastrous post, I came to the epiphany that to submit postings here was, implicitly, seeking approval, and that, ultimately, the only approval for my fits that I need is my own. There have been many constructive criticisms of my postings here, and I have taken them to heart, much to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz BB by Alden Shell Cordovan Loafers 10D $185 BIN, FREE Shipping Appear to be a steal. Supposedly need new heels, but the uppers look good. Check out other shoes from same seller.
More shoes: BROOKS BROTHERS [but made by ALDEN] Straight Tip Cap Toe Blucher 10.5 D Alan McAfee Brown Calfskin Cap Toe Balmoral 9.5 D dress shoe. Brooks Brothers (actually Alden) Black Cordovan Wing Tip Balmoral 10.5 E (The last two pair have been posted here before but they had a reserve that wasn't met; I've graciously removed the reserve and urge all of you to bid your little hearts out.)
Alden 9.5 E Shell Cordovan PTB Burgundy, excellent condition:
PSA NYC Council thrift shop E. 84th-- New Church cordovan PTB 13D $135.00 In the window.
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