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EDWARD GREEN (for Paul Stuart) Brown Calf 10 D (US) Excellent condition, T&A suspenders, Ben Silver Flag Necktie ****Ending Sunday Feb. 26****
You fuck with this at your own risk:
Is being called "homeless" an insult these days? That's kind of surprising. And Crusty, you know very well that the "homeless" and "welfare-chiselers" and "retards" can go to a public library and access the web and look at pictures of over-dressed gentlemen with nice warm homes all day long.
Camel Hair Polo Coats 40R & 40L Turnbull & Asser Button Cuff Dress shirt 16 $15.00 right now Sulka Button Cuff Dress shirt 15.5 34 $15.00 right now
I don't think so. I'm the seller. I wear 9.5 - 10 depending on last, and I can't even get these things on. In fact, I can get into the other pair I sold, the Lloyd & Haig 8.5 D more easily.
I wonder how Foo will take the criticism. He won't argue with anyone about it, will he?
If you skip the pics, and just list the incredible brands you wear, you will inherit the mantle of the legendary KitonBrioni.
Drake Neckties Andover Shop Trad Figural Neckties Polo Suspenders Liberty of London Suspenders Cheap(ish) Shipping, combined for multiple items, etc.
Jesus, was that not worth it. Looking through all that horrible shit and wanting to kill myself until I met Malakas, whose critical work I applaud and wish he would do the same here, although the tender buttons posting here would be thoroughly devastated--I know several would leave in tears and never come back for at least a week.
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