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soldissimi@yoox works for me. Thnx!
Loved the first two eps. I loved the subtle cultural references, but really, in order for the season to regain its previous mainstream popularity I would prefer the new season to keep the funny (but subtle) parts of the previous seasons (excl. the movie/d2dvd eps), but this time stay away from the boring/predictable/repetitive plot twists; I hated hows some of the arcs and random story tangents ended like I walked away from an 'and then I woke up and realized it was all a...
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz Absolutely awesome way to end the franchise. But really .. did it end? It took so many years of conflicting production ideas between pixar and disney; only just recently after so many years did they get pixar as lead producer. I'm sure there's a link to a video somewhere of the horrible idea disney had planned for toy story 3 years back, eww. So highly doubt a 4th would come out, or even spinoffs (such as...
Love how the tailcoats add a modern but subtle military flair.
Definitely interested. Vintage ties tend to have such unique and interesting designs
I've bought so many great ties off this seller. Gotta give some rep where its well deserved.
Just received the leather jacket today. The quality of the leather is just beautiful compared to the Boss Leather I get over in Australia. Thnx again!
Thank you! Appreciate it.
Thanks! Appreciate it.
Just received a beautiful suede jacket from tweedydon Fast shipping, great packaging, couldn't be any easier.
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