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Definitely interested Vintage items would be a +
Also very interested in a few, but would prefer pics
#2 makes me want to get back into the rave scene of my younger days :P
That Burberry trench is very well priced
Bought a lovely dolce&gabbana shirt from chobochobo. Easy to deal with as usual. A great seller.
Pm'd on the armani sportcoat. Thnx
Easy transaction with harryx2. A great person to deal with
Oh my, these went fast. And at great prices too... :P
Just received a couple of these great buttons! A small investment that'll go a long way. ^_^
Realistically, the only viable competitor to PayPal in the long long future would be Google checkout. But due to the sheer size of eBay and its affiliation with PayPal, combined with the stupidity of the general consumer, will likely hinder any competitor to challenge PayPal in the online transaction market. And lack of competition in the end hurts the consumer eventually... oh well...
New Posts  All Forums: