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Damn, if only I had worn this to the masquerade ball recently... Beautiful.
Bought an Armani shirt from jays978. Great seller
It's a link to a sneaker forum where the exact same guy is selling a few shoes for $110 shipped in the same format as this post. So either backboard60 always sells batches of similar items for $110, or more likely is that you got scammed :'( Assuming you paid via PayPal, try to open a dispute, won't do any harm seeing as you haven't got a response in months.
Bought a pair of charcoal Gucci pants from whusurdadi Professional, fast, and easy transaction. Happy to do business with him again
These are all a bargain! Bit too big for me, but they should sell fast.
I love how PayPal asks you for more personal information, not really for stuff you'd expect like "fraud protection" or "customer assurance and safety," but more realistically that in the event that you ever have a slip up or a dispute goes wrong, they can shut you out of their system for good, and have your records on file I don't know when they made the change to their business model, but I see it as a consequence of partly the fraudsters who abused PayPal in the past,...
Bought a lovely sportcoat off deveandepot1 An ease and pleasure to deal with
That's a great price for a boss black suit
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