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Just bought a couple of shirts off DCPHIL. A great seller to deal with, the transaction went as smooth as anyone could imagine.
Pm'd on the Boss set
This weekend Yoox has another sale, much lighter than last weekend's big sample sale; but still kinda decent. It's 15% of selected items (majority being leftovers from the last sale). Have fun! Click Me
Received a tie bar and cufflinks from deveandepot1, great seller as always.
These are a steal, especially with the btgof offer Shame I'm too big for them though..
If they are available, pics are down for me
Yep, I spotted that $110 shipped shirts thread deal a while back. Although a quick google search of the guy and his selling format reveals similar scams on other forums just fyi. But still bad luck on your part of course
Lol shouldn't the preferred method be to contact the op via pm..... necrobumping is silly :P Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Can we have a rule that says you're banned if you necrobump obviously dead threads posting "is this still available"? No it's not still available you retard, it's not january 2008 anymore, is it? Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six SRSLY. http://...
So beautiful, but sadly won't fit me. Gosh don't lowball the guy, it's already a bargain as is....
Received an Armani shirt from BBC . Great seller and fantastic to deal with
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