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Quote: Originally Posted by altemp Yeah the UMC are 100% fake... lots of nice stuff otherwise though. Yup, the dior tag looks like it was two piece glued together But still the first pair is great
Beautiful pair of Diors Great staple item.
Hehe, although these sadly don't fit me, they are definitely a bargain! Especially with the hot hot hot summer coming in. And it's an 11" rise because that's what most Aussies pack down here. (lol jk)
Wow thoses MII Diors are a steal. Hopefully some of our slimmer sf'ers will grab them!
Bough a couple of lovely tweeds off tweedydon. A pleasure to do deal with as always
Damn these are great bargains If only they were in my size, especially that Burberry
Quote: Originally Posted by achanna Why not allow feedback score and link it to user profile I'm pretty sure eBay has taught how using numerical scores to represent reputability just doesn't work. (i.e. there are perfectly honest 1st time users ) Also, high feedback scores would discourage individual background research on reputability (you would begin to depend on just glancing at how big a number is ). Although... if there could be a...
Just bought a Zegna shirt from harryx2. Smooth transaction as always
Damn that RLPL is a steal. Hope it gets snapped up quick
Wow another 15% off weekend... interesting Thanks Yoox! (Sorry Mr. Wallet)
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