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Pm sent on sunglasses.
Damn, those are really beautiful. Hopefully someone scoops them up.
That's a really nice Samsonite.
I'm getting bandwidth exceeded errors on the PB images. Hehe, means lots of lurking interest!
I believed that the act of adding few items repeatedly within a small timeframe to bump threads is not allowed i.e. adding a new tie a day or something lol But a mass add after a decent time I understood was a legit bump...
Poor thread, just as it was about to be put to rest - someone rises it from its grave
Really well priced shirts. Shame they're not my size though
another 40% off sale. Yes please!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Curious why this thread has not been pinned yet? I would assume that as is an affiliate/sponsor of sf, pinning the thread would not be looked upon too well from the other sponsors who I assume pay the same for their minibanners.
≤ 30% off this time. Sounds good
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