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Just received the RLPL sweater. Awesome seller to deal with (and I'm an international buyer too -> from Australia). Someone buy this man's stuff.
Another sale weekend just recently after they finished the old sale (and restocked a bit with the new season). This weekend its 15% off (a special/separate selection as always) Anyway I'm not complaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by sadib888 gee I dunno how about a pair for $8.00 and give the rest of your wealth to some starving children. Erm.. ok.. great suggestion.... Anyway.... Great selection! Someone grab these quick Pretty decent bargains
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ^ uhm.. hulk might need a bigger chair. Doubt those skimpy wooden chair legs could hold up any of them (most likely not iron man or the hulk...)
Good price for great quality in a popular size. Very nice
Oooh, a velcro shirt. Sounds like a great 'easy off' alternative to my snap button shirts. A slight tensing of the pecs and bam those shirts undid themselves! Great for late nights after the club. Anyway a bump for a great seller!
Pm'd on sweater
Bought a pair of RLPL sunglasses off FStyles. Transaction was completed within minutes, and shipped in and received in only a few days (I'm in Australia btw, so that's really good stuff). A pleasure to deal with this seller.
I think you should change the title to Giorgio Armani Black Label Jeans as I honestly did assume them to be the usual Armani Jeans (the streetwear line). Just saying it my garner more interest :P P.S. shame they're not in sz 32 hehe. I'm definitely a fan of the nicer lines of Armani.
This will definitely come in handy. I love Gilt (sadly I'm in Australia half the year), and prefer proxies over a mail forwarding service anyday
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