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Yeah mate, bit too large on the imperial side Anyway a bump for a fellow aussie
30% off Spring Promo just popped up for me in my email. Pretty decent stuff, grabbed a pair of ankle boots for the weekend. Remember that this isn't a weekend only sale, so MORE THAN LIKELY this 30% off sale will extend to 50% off soon enough. However, I can't say too much about the variety in sale items. Damn the AUD is doing wonders for me wallet.
Smooth and easy buying transaction with feenial. Item was posted out quickly and received within a week (I'm in Australia lol, so that's a great shipping time). Highly recommended seller
To anyone interested in grabbing some of this guy's stuff, then yes, please go ahead. I've received my goods safely from him all the way over here in Australia :P The seller has alot of good brands that might ring alarm bells, but he's legit (he has a gold velvet Dolce & Gabbana martini blazer for sale in another thread, someone should grab that - its awesome) Bump for a good seller
Damn that RLPL is a steal!
I'm loving the AUD surge recently. Yoox's sale's are getting much more reasonable on my end
Wow, oh those are some nice boots... you've got there. Shame I'm a US9
Anyone checked out the recent sample sale yoox is having - although I see some old stock there's some surprisingly cheap bargains if you manage to wade through the pages of sold out items...
Some of these jeans have great textures to them. Very good deals.
Bought some RLPL clothing from osadolor619. One of the best sellers to deal with! Being an international buyer (from Australia), not only was the transaction completed within minutes (fast replies and easy communication), but I received the package only 3 days later via express courier! Highly recommended
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