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lamb is generally more expensive too. the multi-grand designer leathers are often lamb.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus The Akira DR showed up today. Wow, that is making a statement. I love how the color accentuates the details: belts, etc. "'bout to go Michael Jackson on these bitches, all I need is a red jacket with some zippers"
Quote: Originally Posted by jet how many useless threads are you going to start? No more than the amount of useless comments you make. I personally don't know what satisfaction people derive from calling out strangers on the internet when they create a thread not to their liking. My objective was to see if there was any alternatives to the A.P.C./ToJ coats I have been considering before making a big investment, and I appreciate the people who...
Looking for a coat on the wallet-friendly side of $600 to keep me warm during the heart of a NYC winter. Here's the criteria -- decently cut and somewhat dressy, but don't hesitate to suggest anything cool that may be a criterion short. Bear in mind, I don't live in Northern Alberta so I needn't don 3 parkas for my mid-January shorty-prowling jaunts. Feedback much appreciated, Thanks!
Wow, blazer coat is making a comeback and "no comment" is vying with the duffle coat for supremacy
or Brown and that Olive reminds of this elusive Hermes peacoat I have salivated over for a year.
Yeah I had seen the discontinued version. The duffel is nice, but I can't say I like it better than the A.P.C. The TOJ peacoat in navy is enticing
Where are pictures of it?
Tried on the mac coat, awfully nice -- ascends the list, higher than the blazer coat, but remains to be seen whether it'll hang with the big boys. The hand was the nicest aspect of the mac coat...but it's practically a coin toss between the short peacoat and duffle. the peacoat gained a lot of momentum today. this salesman claimed it was warmer since it was completely wool, unlike the duffle coat mix. tough
Thanks all for the advice. It's gonna be either the Duffel Coat or Short Peacoat. The Blazer Coat is like a third-party candidate -- technically it's in the running, but not in the race. Does anybody know when this stuff (if it does) will go on sale? Or should I just throw down half a grand for it in like two weeks, b/c that's probably the best to expect. Based on some of the posts here and the fact that the A.P.C. inventory is good for the sought after coats, presumably...
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