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Washed once, worn less than 10 times. Looking for $40 shipped. Waist is 32'' and hem is 7.75'' Super soft denim, pretty dark dye. Unhemmed, unaltered.
Looking for a pair of the UU wool trousers in small!
Don't size down, stay true to size. I am normally S and very rarely XS and an XS in this jacket makes me look like a little boy. Sleeves will be short and chest will be too tight (I'm 5'9 150lbs). In addition to that, it looks slim but it's still a down jacket so it's puffy/bulky.
Marty Mcfly on that shit with some denim jacket, flannel and hightops! It won't look as good as a down vest, but what can you wear a fleece vest with?
How is the fit/warmth of the 4 way coat? Is it as warm as the premium down parka without the bulk? I need something warm and non-wool to replace my baggy North Face from my high school days... http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/made-for-all/men-down-4way-coat/073569-06
I know the 4way coat is a winter staple of Uniqlo's so I was wondering: 1. Is it any different from last year's? (If not, I could just search up last year's) 2. How is it in terms of fit/warmth/material? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/made-for-all/men-down-4way-coat/073569-06
Tried on the down parka today that y'all had been talking about. Definitely SUPER warm, but I had thought it'd be... sleeker? It's definitely still puffy because the lining of the parka is down. The jacket is very minimal in details except for two pockets and a cinch waist. I tried on a S, 150lbs and 5'9 and I felt like I could size down but sadly, there were no XS for me to try on.
I'd say the ratio of quality:price is higher for Uniqlo than H&M and Zara.
Ha, well I know that... Just wanted to see how warm the thing is by itself as a way to gauge how useful it'll be during winter.
New Posts  All Forums: