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I'd like to see pics of said Slim Chambray shirts....and where did you acquire it from? Thanks man
Quick shot of my NFxBJ Collabs....
My understanding is on the Collabs, they use the NF Cut, with the other brands demin, hardware etc. The other brand, in this case Oni, manufactures the jean. Someone plz correct me if I am wrong.I have the NFXBJ as well as the NFXFHXTY collab and it seems this way for these pairs.
Can I buy Uniglo anywhere in the US or online?
Anyone know if its possible to get Uniglo in the US? Order online? Thanks.
Got any more pics?
Sold, thanks!
Thanks man
NFxBJ Collabs....around 5 months. No wash or soak. I've only really wore these on the weekends/nights since I have to dress up for daily work. And sorry for shitty pics, I'm out of town and just shot these quickly to post up. Will try to get better ones up soon.
Kartoshka, I'll post some pics when i can of my NFxBJ. They are starting to come along, but definitely are stubborn. I'm traveling now so may take several days before I can post. And RawAsDenim, looks sick dude. Cant wait to get back home because I have the NFXFHxTY Waiting for me....
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