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Honestly this shirt is pretty sick. I really wish it fit me....someone buy this beauty!!
What brand is the shirt? PM Me....I'm kinda interested. Thanks.
Price drop
Hello all. I just received a brand new Naked & Famous Slim Navajo Shirt from Tate & Yoko in size Medium. It's a tad large on me as I've lost some weight. I removed the tags (which I will include with the shirt) and only tried this shirt on for less than one minute. Never worn again. It is brand new and clean with nothing wrong with it. It is a great shirt and I figured someone would definitely want this. I don't want to return to the store because International Shipping...
Anyone have pics of the Grey Dalton's? Thinking of ordering them
Hi, Im very interested in these and believe I will buy them. Do you have any additional pics? Please PM me for faster response.
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