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Solid deal on some C&J hand grade for RL brown captoe's. http://www.styleforum.net/t/410522/fs-crockett-jones-handgrade-tellman-oxford-for-ralph-lauren-size-us-8-5d Seller also has some EG for Foster & Son for $349.
Gif is cool, but some of that effort could go into including some detail on their condition. Nwt, nwot, worn lightly, trashed...? Assuming pre-owned, doesn't seem like that great of a deal. Still, cool gif. Now that I've said that, I'll go find some stuff to link. Appreciate this thread
Thanks for the heads up. Just called, only sizes they have are a 9.5E UK that is being held for someone and an 11.5E UK that is still available.
Approx 3"
Lol. You think I'm going to sick these vultures on his stock before I got my crack at it!?
+1, was just about to post this. I just placed my first order from him, took a good chunk out of my wallet.
Serious, thanks.
Not too surprising. His price is actually pretty fair, I just bought both in 16 from him. Thanks for posting!
I'd guess he was referring to the shoe bags...
I'm really bummed that I missed these, I've been watching for them to come back in stock in a 10.5 for weeks. If someone grabbed them and they don't work for you, PLEASE give me a holler.
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