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I do agree with mr.tifosi but congrats to everyone who's getting Alden NY Tankers!
You are too notch person Mike @Epaulet
thanks for a great pic Tifosi. Great collection. I think to start it might be wise to get DOAK Dovers. Looks very versatile.
thanks man. I like the feeling when I know what I want to get and hunting/waiting for the right model is part of great expirience.
I should pay closer attention next time. Damn..I'd really want lighter leather for spring/summer but I'm sure I would end up with more than one Dover.
^^ Ryden, mahogany Dovers are stunning! Either those or brandy willow!
After seeing many pictures of EG Dover in this thread and IG I decided to jump on the next order with Skoak (depends on the leather). Let's hope something is brewing.
Really like these suede Chelsea. Maybe on Forest or Inca in light suede in the future.
not sure about 1035 last but I wear 8.5D in Barrie and size 8 in 2030.I had a chance to grab navy shell during first pre-order but will moat likely get it second time.
that is great Mike, thanks for your help.thanks M, choco tankers will get a lot of use in spring, summer and fall. Really like them and their price already forgotten
New Posts  All Forums: