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good deal. I know a few members got on those Tankers. Congrats.
Last minute bets on Leffot pre-orders? Not jumping on any but will be watching the sizes disappear lol
you have a PM
there's still hope.
I hear you. I thought you used reverse strategy and let the masses know that those makeups are not popular lolMy prediction: 4 minutes for Leffot Naval boots and 11 minutes for NST.
Good strategy buddy!
interested, prefer plum. Inca last is perfect.
Just cancelled size 4 in SS Fahrenheit in Night Navy. Should be available on line shortly. I think size 5 should be good.
Same here! Finally Fahrenheit Shirt Jacket In "Night" Navy Blue Is mine.I think I kopped last size 5.
I couldn't watch any longer my size disappearing and got my small pony (natural linen GRP polo).
New Posts  All Forums: