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These are incredible Moosic! INSANE.
sign me up for the bone Buttero.
hehehe, I was too late
I'm ready for black MA-1. Can't freaking wait.
Great fits on this page for sure. @rydenfan Dat FC SC fits you almost like MTM. On point.
Meh, I don't feel those @tifosi Fire!! Can't wait for mine.
Tricky, you in for both, tobacco Forest and dark brown calf on Simpson?
Gents, any interest in Carmina Chelsea boots on either Forest or Inca lasts? Museum or tan calf?
Amazing comparison pictures@hoodog Thanks to you I'm now going to aim for Thorpe on Mh71 in Vintage Oak..just outstanding. I need it lol
Same situation as you, AA. I'm planning a trip to NMWA headquarters from Toronto. Maybe I should go during Eidos trunk show...
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