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hmmm, interesting info.Either way, I think these were underpriced and represent a huge value.
Happy Sunday TWAT brothers
well stated. Casual Friday at the office and weekend play guaranteed.I still can't get over the leather.. Can't wait to see it in person.
Thanks man!I was back and forth all day and finally gave in. They look insane.
Decided to kop Context boots in size 8. Just couldn't pass it, I can imagine the patina of that leather and 2045 last was always on my list. Damn.
@watchidiot thanks man, appreciate the pictures. Looks like EB 946 is shorter compare to Rain which might work in my advantage. I should take the same size as Rain which is 8UK and hopefully heel slippage won't be the same.
I wear Carmina Inca, Forest and Uetam in 8UK and the fit is perfect. However, Rain in 8UK has a huge heel sleep and a lot of volume (I have low instep and narrow heel).I'm thinking to go with 7.5UK in 946 but will confirm.
Can see these derbies being very versatile. Im waiting for response from Skoak team but any experience with EB 946 last vs EG/Carmina lasts?thanks
Don't feel it either as much as I wanted to get it.
damn, these looks amazing.
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