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Those are insane. Congrats!Now, where are we on F width GMTO for those...
Rog, trouser hemming and seat adjustment ran me $95.
SM, go see Jean Paul and forever forget about any other tailors that exist in Canada. He's the best but expensive.
I've been told by SA that sizes on the web are US sizes.
Looks like TG73? Anyway, I spoke to PS and snagged size 9. There goes my no purchase resolution lol.
I consider Mike my friend but Alden has a lot of issues with their service.
I've been on the waiting list for 1.5 years already. My AD only gets 2-3 a year.
PP Nautilus 5711
+100. I'm on lockdown for 2017 ( need to pay for my second grail watch) but really want to get these as well.
Not enough for 911 Turbo but can afford deposit for FC haha
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