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fit of size L is perfect. Moleskin is amazing fabric.
[[SPOILER]] forum.net/content/type/61/id/1527960/width/500/height/1000[/IMG] [[SPOILER]] And buttoned [some spoilered pics]: [[SPOILER]] [/quote]Looks great NC! Really like the fits.
Sold my IWI Tavor AR and decided to dive into custom 1911 pistols. Going with Nighthawk Falcon.
No spoiler. These are amazing.
After receiving and wearing SS charcoal Merino remake I really hope Greg will have some more SS pre-orders/re-issues in the future. Some ideas: - Bee cardi - Alpaca coat - Ljevan jacket my wallet is ready
29 in Somets and 32 in RC/Walts for me.
SW look great Ry.What denim, Somets?
Thanks Saz, I can see more Tellason in my future!@Kahuna75 Join the denim game and move up to Samurai 21 oz
Tanker Tuesday. Also breaking my new 16.5 oz Tellason denim.
20% at Haven shop.paying forward
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