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Done! thanks.
thanks! I think I'll splurge just for peace of mind
Gents, quick question. I have an opportunity to grab GG shoe trees for my upcoming Thorpe on MH71. Should I grab it to protect my investment or regular shoe trees will do? thanks
One way ticket for sure
Damn Roger. Well done. I have a feeling you will have another beauty coming from Skoak gents soon (me too).
I just recently realised that my Caine SC and Walt trousers in navy hopsack wear so great. I need a few more suits. I think I'll go for 3-piece and make my co-workers hate me hahaha
Need another suiting EFF.
Great pairing man.I had to return mine back to Ssense as they were too long. Longer vs my Achilles lows and after measuring again, I had over an inch length in the toe box.Let's see how 41 will fit but I'm confident it should be perfect.
^^ what's going on here lol
So much truth 100%. I can't get enough of min either. The only chukka that I love.
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