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+1. Best cotton is right.
Congrats to you as well! I'm not even trying mine on yet. They are insane.Need to add this one back to my rotation. Great 4060.
that's the exact look I had in mind when I stole this Flax LBM 1911 at current sale price. Perfection.on my list for sure Ryden. Looking great.
thanks a lot.
Looking for Barbour Commander in size L. Any leads on good stores with some discounts?
My Leffot Tankers have arrived. I think these are one of the best Alden makeups and I had a few that were catch and release Just a few obligatory pictures (perfect pair, some light reflection from the flash).
Just snagged Flax Chinolino 1911. What a price. It is $750 + 13% at Harry Rosen locally and not very attractive colors like EP gets.Thanks for being a good enabler @bkotsko. I think it's going to be insane with denim.
just saw the proper update. Proposed changes are great.
Gents, I think I mentioned before that my favourite EP piece was Caine Hopsack SC and Hopsack Walts. Well I'm adding Kamigata jacket to this list! I got Crosshatch Kamigata today and I'm speechless. Mike, Matt and the EP team. This is insane piece. Fit pics later. Wow.
Congrats! Looks insane. Can't wait to pick up mine from the post office.
New Posts  All Forums: