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haha, yes Rog. I agree. As soon I saw them, I had to have them. Hope Steve and EG can make it happen.
As much as I don't need another pair of boots, these are amazing for sure.
Alright, these are freaking incredible! Need some deets and let's put GMTO through @steveyoo1983 for exact the same makeup
Both GMTO from Skoak getting some Sunday maintenance. Good times indeed.
If anyone decides to pass on size 8 for that Chelsea boot let me know.
I'll take both I tried them all (Carmina/EG/StC) and still think that GG is the one for me. The One.
Same here but I just hugged my Thorpe boots a little tighter and will be a great memory from our GMTO lol
I really like it Mike. That's the new design, correct? @Epaulet
Those are insane. Congrats!Now, where are we on F width GMTO for those...
Rog, trouser hemming and seat adjustment ran me $95.
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