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I might be in for be exact EB chukka in Oak Tärnsjö on 74945.
huge plus 1 on leather weekender bag.
I'm going to try and cuff my first Eidos Sal trousers this summer
IM tunic/Niche shirt jacket/SLPx2
^^ You got the chain Wyatts as well now? Damn... Amazing.
so it starts..You will be hooked and I'll PM you with my data later as well.
Well said. I got my Wyatts from authorized dealer and been told if there any issues they will take care of it by sending it to SLP.
My small Doak family after Sunday in-house spa.
Just wanted to share my experience with Thedi leather bomber. As I was playing poker tourney at the casino a women on my left started stroking my left arm and complementing on the softness of leather. Mike, I would pay the price of Thedi again just to experience that moment hahaha. The whole table froze as she was doing it .
New Posts  All Forums: