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but we already have it
Mike, DHL will have some serious brokerage fees.
Hi @Leaves any news on Galway Doak/CC stock pull pre-order from February? Still targeting August? thanks!
it's the baller LBM SC.@tricky we are twins today, wearing one as well today with EP tickling stripe walts.
wise words sir, wise words. I don't think I need to expend on this but wearing a quality timepiece says a lot about it's owner for sure .
hehehe, BLNR is the incoming but I'm might break and choose one of the APs as well.
BLNR now and AP 15400 shortly. It's time to grow up lol.
I got my Daytona almost a year ago. I always wanted one and sold my SubC Date for it.I loved 116520 but after some time I started to notice some things such as:hard to read time and too monochromaticstart to miss the datenot much wrist presence as I likeI didn't loose a single cent on it since I bought it at amazing price from my AD brand new (and able to do it again if I want to in the future).I tried SD4000 and really liked it as well but need some splash of color for my...
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