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Thanks laufer, you are right. The price of a single MTO is a bit too much.
lol! Congrats MGD.
If no other takers for these amazing boots, I might try for a single MTO.
Hehehe, since we are not the same size, you defiantly needed.I'm still in shock after Waytt kopping but time to hunt some antelopes lol.
+ 1 on this one. Maybe @Mr Clemson can help us out.
worst case scenario, I'll kop it if nat Kudu jumpers is a no go.
yes my friend, I do but already have Alden #8 Tankers + Alden natural Indy (from EP). I'm afraid another split-toe boot will be too similar and really want Oscar lasted nat Kudu boots for my cafe racer.
snuff suede semi brogues from Steve is one of the best I ever had. Extremely comfortable with some degree of sleekness. Forest last shape works amazing with pair of denim or trousers.Now, let's get natural Kudu jumpers GMTO on the road!
Another idea that I have is the following (same version as Epaulet made) Oscar last, Natural Kudu antelope leather jumper boots with flat welt and combo of commando and leather sole
Hi Mike, Is Carmina Anderson jumper boots in natural Kudu coming back soon?
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